Poverty Outcome

Always keeping tabs of how our Canadian government is looking out for Canadians who have the misfortune of being born into poverty, along with senior citizens.

In the ‘50’s poverty and substance abuse wasn’t necessarily looked after. However (back then) I remember the Catholic Church helping us out. Still remember the Nuns feeding us and teaching me how to read. One Nun in particular, I still remember her name to this very day, Sister Vincent Mary. If it wasn’t for her extra time and support, school would have of been much harder. She would bring me food each morning, so I could have some kind of breakfast, saying,” You can’t learn on an empty stomach dear.”

Sister Vincent Mary was like that mother you never had, nurturing me throughout Grade One and Two.


To be clear, I’m NOT religious, but do recognize how the community churches can help those struggling. Most recently, I’ve noticed how some will abuse the system. Totally against that too.

I understand how you may be surprised to learn I’m not religious, considering how the Catholic Church looked after us. After years of studying various religions, it was clear to me how man-made religion is destroying our society, to this very minute. To fight over whose GOD is better then the others, is unconscionable. Unfortunately, mankind is plagued by the misuse of religious beliefs. This is why I considered myself SPIRITUAL and NOT religious. I believe in a GOD, but not how you would think.

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Anyway – Today, our government has become more active in helping those in poverty, which is good to hear.

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Going into Retirement, I’m still afraid of the “Wolf Knocking on our Door”. Poverty isn’t something you want to experience. It’s not only degrading to your human spirit but totally unhealthy to YOU as a person.

I’m hopeful and inspired the “Government of Canada has increased the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) for the lowest-income seniors by up to $600 annually for single seniors and $840 for couples. This investment of $300 million each year improves the well-being of approximately 680 000 seniors across Canada. It is the highest percentage increase in over 25 years. Read more HERE.

Settling into retirement with a fixed income is pretty scary, where your set-income stays the same, while everything else keeps rising. Eventually food, transportation and housing becomes out-of-reach.

For example, if you totally relied on the retirement figures, this would be your income today as a senior couple :


This is why RRSP’s are SO important to establish. As well, if your spouse dies, then your income is cut in half.

$1890 is barely enough income to pay mortgage or rent, food and expenses. Eventually, your car becomes a luxury,

Don’t think to rely on a company pension either.

My grandmother was a teacher. During the 1970’s an accountant misused their funds and she lost that side of her income. It’s NOT the fear the company may fold. No…it’s if someone responsible for all that money, fraudulently takes that money 💰 for themselves ; or its invested poorly.

The point is you must be prepared for some kind of nest egg in your senior years. IF NOT, it may lead to a precarious situation, finding yourself in complete poverty.

Thankfully, our Canadian system has programs to help out, as well as community support.

The only thing they haven’t done for seniors, is set up private homes for low-income. I’m NOT talking about rental system, I’m talking about your own “freehold” homes. Maybe a government outreach system can help seniors who already own a home and haven’t been able to pay off the mortgage.

Before, it was the norm for earners to pay off their mortgage before they retire. However, that equation has become increasingly out-of-reach, due to the scale of real estate.

Today, it’s a fact, each senior will most likely have a mortgage to attend to after retirement. I believe the banks should become more aware of that equation, because (believe it or not) a monthly mortgage is cheaper then rent. So, it only makes sense for banks to change their prospective.

The last thing you want to see, is a senior homeless, simply because their spouse died before them and/or they can’t afford their own home any more.

In today’s scenario, you can’t rely on staying with your children. Most likely, they are drowning in debt, due to our increase economy. Adding on an increase expense (their parents) wouldn’t end well.


I know what poverty is and how substance abuse can effect ones life. My real mum (mom) was an alcoholic. She would do anything to have that next fix. Even though, my dad had a good trade, my mum would use any extra income on alcohol. Back then, my dad worked up North, sending money home to pay for groceries and the mortgage. Most of that money went into my mom’s addiction. I still can remember her stealing groceries from the supermarket and forging checks, to hide her addiction. There were times, we were in the police station, as my mum was arrested. Believe you me, the cops back then were unforgiving, treating us like dirt. Remember one time, this police captain saying to my uncle Ron (who ended being the one picking me up) , “ Will you get this goddam kid off my desk, can’t stand looking at him.”

I was only 6 years old.

Police have grown since then, with community outposts. However, some still have this “power of authority”, misusing it to their own personal advantage (bully if you will). However, I’ve met some respectful police officers who are only doing their job. Their job can be overwhelming, to say the least. They too have their demons.

Going back to my Mum ; even though her addiction consumed her life, she must of realized how important a home is, because the mortgage was always paid. However, homes back then cost nearly nothing. It only took one income not two.

The point is, poverty is more then you think. It’s NOT only a lack of funds, it’s addiction that can lead to poverty and even death.

Born within an alcoholic mum brought personal challenges to me and my sister. We’ve adapted throughout our whole life to compensate for it.

I’m not saying my mum was a bad person. Far from the truth. She unfortunately had an addiction (disease, if you will) that kept her struggling until her early death. When sober, she would pamper us the best way she knew how. In an alcoholic rage, I would sometimes be locked in a closet, for what seemed like hours. After coming to her senses, she would be crying, holding me,” I didn’t mean it baby. I didn’t mean it. Mommy’s not doing too well. Sorry baby, Mommy’s so sorry. I love you.”

We would hug like there’s no tomorrow.

The next day, Mum would be buy me a toy, to make up for her discretions. It was common for my sister and I to stay in the car for hours, while she was drinking in her favourite salon. Mum driving home drunk was the norm. I’m surprised to this day, we weren’t in an accident.

My dad has his own demons and would physically abuse my mum because of her alcoholism. Remembering a dysfunctional family back then, from them throwing plates at each other to unthinkable events, you would only think would happen in a horror movie. My sister and I would have our regular beatings. Many times I was thrown down a flight of stairs, landing on a concrete basement floor. Don’t know how long I lye there unconscious, but remember picking myself up, bruised and war torn. Point blank ; my father was extremely abusive to all of us and that’s one thing I have never forgiven.

Unless it’s happened to you, it’s very hard to understand.


Poverty is something our government needs to address with our increasingly economy. I can’t imagine going back into poverty, just because of retirement. As a matter of fact, I won’t. One way or another, I’ll keep my dignity.

Poverty and substance abuse must be addressed in our near future, otherwise the world won’t be able to control the outcome.

Something to think about for whatever government gets into power.

Yes. Our Canadian government. The system needs to change into the betterment for human beings. Any government in control of CANADA 🇨🇦 must start to realize, they ARE ACCOUNTABLE to each Canadian citizen. We are NOT pawns to be played with in your political conquest. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. The responsibility of a political leader to its Canadian citizens is extremely important.

You know, if Jody Wilson-Raybould decided to run for Prime Minister, I would truly vote for her. To me, she’s someone that stands up for Canadians, adding accountability to our Canadian government. I’m not really one hundred percent liberal or conservative. Maybe we need a new government more accountable for their actions. WE could call it : THE CANADIAN COLLECTIVE with a slogan “ We hold ourselves accountable to ALL Canadians, not just the rich.”

After-all, all we’re looking for, is NOT to worry about that wolf knocking on our door (aka Poverty). WE Canadians will do our part, working hard and paying our taxes. But please give the poor and our senior citizens the respect they deserve.

And YES – I believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should apologize to Jody Wilson-Raybould. It’s unconscionable for our Prime Minister to hide under his cover-up attempts. Thank you Jody for taking the “last stand” for ALL CANADIANS. I truly respect and appreciate you holding up the laws of the perspective FIRST NATIONS lands, we now hold dear to us.

Peace Out…

Bari Demers – screenwriter and storyteller

The Heroes and the Courage

Photo coutesy of Fort McMurry Resident

The Heroes, The Courage, The Frustration – We are Canadians, We Stand Strong together.  

As these courageous Fire Fighters  battle this monstrous wildfire, the winds have picked up considerably, making this fire even more dangerous then ever before. It has taken on its own entity, a living creature consuming everything in its path. 

It’s now over 150,000 hectares and heading over the Saskatchewan border.

The towering flames are now 30 feet high as the high velocity winds keep feeding this ferocious uncontrollably wildfire.  I can hear the winds outside my door, howling like a wolf at night, knowing all too well, this wildfire is impossible to control. 

It may be the largest wildfire in Canadian history and quite possibly in North America. 

Photo Courtesy of The Canadian Armed Forces

Over 80,000 Fort McMurray residence were forced to flee as this fire consumed the city in the past week.   With very little notice, a gridlock of vehicles tried to head south, as the heat and flames towered the only road.  Some even resorted to riding out of the wildfire with their horses in tow.  

Unknown Photographer

After over ten gruelling hours on the road to Edmonton and neighbouring communities, Fort McMurray residence are now safe.   A Fort McMurray kindergarten evacuee joined up with a classroom in Edmonton, she said,”Hi! My name is Hanna and My World is on Fire!”Just heartbreaking to hear from our children.
Canadians throughout Canada are offering their homes, food and comfort as are the communities and cities.

Be safe to the Fire Fighters, the RCMP and those daring pilots, who are all taking their lives at risk to battle natures deadliest wildfire. 

#AlbertaStrong – See the latest changes.

by Bari Demers – Canadian screenwriter and freelance writer 

Fat Cats 


From screenplay, BLACK ANGELS by Bari Demers
Oil in Alberta is the topic everyone is talking about, from activists to the folks who rely on the industry, enabling to feed their families. I’m not talking about the ‘Fat Cats’ where their interest is only in the tumbling shares. It’s important to understand what really is going on in our Canadian economy.  

How it’s going to effect our way of life? 

Very important to weight in on all the facts, from realizing oil isn’t just about the gas at the pumps to feed your car, but it’s about everything you see in your home and community.

To generalize, it’s plastic.  

But let’s forget the fact that our TV’s, cars, fridges and stoves, counters and floors, buildings and roads are made from petroleum. Let’s take a closer look at the political gain in the east.  According to George Brookman of West Canadian : Did you know Saudi Arabia ships their oil to New Brunswick, refines it and then sells it back to Canadians?  

Say what ?! Is our world turning up side down ? So, let me get this straight.   

Activists are complaining about our oil in Alberta, but the east are buying it from Saudi Arabia who could care less about our environment. In fact, an oil spill to them is no big deal. Just another day doing business. Look what Dubai did to their own coastal waters, digging and destroying the coral reef and the sustainable fisheries, making way for luxury man-made islands and five star hotels. 

Seriously, they don’t care.

It’s all about money. And, without a doubt, our oil industry is about making money too, but it’s also the very backbone of our Canadian economy. Without oil, Canadians are going to suffer more then they thought possible. Everything will collapse, like dominoes, crashing our infrastructure and most importantly our way of life. Taxes will rises at an unbelievable rate, while our federal and provincial governments are scrambling to find income to sustain our dying economy. Our social system, we take for granted, will collapse before our very eyes, as health care quietly dissolves into money-making private healthcare systems. 

And yes, it’s high-time our oil industry does take our environment into serious consideration. The ‘Oil Sands’ of Alberta is the elephant in the room. Sure, go ahead and produce oil, but not at the cost of our environment. Clean up your act. For example, stop using ‘fracking’ methods for extracting oil or gas.  

The definition of fracking : ‘the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.’ 

And, to make it worse, they’re using our fresh water to extract it!  This process not only depletes our fresh water supply, it’s causing environmental damage from man-made earthquakes to unusable soil, which grows our food while killing our wildlife. So, yes. It’s high-time our Oil Industries begin looking at cleaner viable solutions to extract our oil. And, it’s very important to begin producing other sources of clean energy to run our vehicles and to produce heat and power to our homes.

But I say this to all those activists, ” Next time you want to complain about our oil, think about how’s it effects your life. Hollywood activists are the worse, because they fly up here in their Lear Jets, get into their fancy vehicles,(both made with 50 percent of plastics) burning high octane gas all the way, and then make a big speech what global warming and our oil industry is doing to our environment. Not to mention the fact, a natural weather pattern, called a ‘Chinook’ terrifies them to hell! 

Definition of a Chinook : sudden gusts of warm coastal air mixed through the Rocky Mountains, leaving a trail of melting snow. Within a day, you can have a ton of snow melt before your eyes. 

This is nature. Not an environmental disaster. 

Look. I really enjoy actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio. Very professional and without a doubt, a ‘for sure’ Oscar winner for his performance in the latest movie, The Revenant, filmed here in Alberta, within our majestic Canadian Rockies Mountains in 2014. But, please, learn all the facts about our environment and stop the BS propaganda tactics.  

The facts are clear.  Oil is still an important resource, but so is our forest industry, fisheries and natural gas. Did you know, Canada is one of the largest producers of natural gas? 

So, let’s take a hard look at our future. It will surely effect your way of living. The high and mighty ‘Fat Cats’ of our Oil Industries can no longer rape society by greed or political gain. It’s time to get down to business and begin the process of cleaning-up-your-act. Produce oil, but not at the cost of destroying our environment. We are intelligent enough to know how to do it better, stronger and faster. 

Am I willing to pay more at the pumps? 

The hard question is yes. If it means to strengthen our economy and keep our social system strong, then it makes perfect sense to pay more. But, that doesn’t mean to get more then you deserve. Stop being so greedy and influencing your power onto our political system. 

Can’t say I really understand the stock market or how the oil market stands in the world economy. I’m sure greed and power turns the mighty wheels of our stock market. South of the border, our American friends learned that the hard way, when the the housing market crashed, sending honest hard working folks onto the streets.  

It’s terrible!

The white collar crime of greed should get the same punishment as one that robs our banks. White collar crime is actually worse then bank robbers, because they take the livelihood of innocent citizens, raping them of their homes and way of life. 
This is what I know, the majority of folks in Canada, United States and the world are hard working souls, barely making ends-meat to survive. Please don’t tell us we can do with less and eat macaroni. I’m turning 60 soon. My life has been hard and tedious, but I’m grateful the economy was strong enough to feed and care for my family. Going into retirement, I’m scared of the outcome. 

Will I be out on the street too ?

I’m also extremely worried for my grandchildren and what they may have to endure. Now, that frightens the hell out of me! So please, all those with the powers-to-be, please don’t become those ‘Fat Cats’ lining your greedy pockets.  

It’s time to give back and help sustain the economy.  

Yes. Look after our oil industries, but let’s make it a much cleaner resource having zero impact on our environment. I love my Canada and understand the importance of our way of life and the cost of our freedom. 

Please take care of our economy now before its way too late. If anything, for the sake of your children and grandchildren.

“Left with his own free will…power and pride grew to darkness” Bari Demers

By Bari Demers  freelance writer and screenwriter 
NOTE:  My style of writing isn’t your typical format. You could say it’s my trademark. It allows readers with short attention spans (due to the flood of social media) to read smaller paragraphs and lead points without becoming overwhelmed by the content of long tedious paragraphs. 

The Climate of Disbelief 


I’m not one to raise concerns about war and politics, but my inner soul tells me, we may be in danger.
Canada’s relaxed security protocols along with the flood of refugees could prove to be departmental to all Canadians. Our passionate way of life, to help those in desperate need, could end up being our own demise.

There’s a name for it, it’s called,” The Climate of Disbelief.”

It’s where one believes something terrible could never ever happen. An event of unconscionable impossibilities. It’s only a matter of time – Canada 🇨🇦 is in danger!

The climate of disbelief set the mood for the United States of America until the dreadful dark days of 9-11. A foreign attack on America soil was thought to be utterly impossible.
Unfortunately the monstrous evil attack did happen.
Clearly we realized we were no longer living in a fairytale illusion, within the safety of our indestructible bubbles. All hell broke loose as these living-demons-of-hell unleashed a fiery of blazoned assaults against our values of freedom.

Many innocent people died that day.
Remembered my heart sunk when I saw the horrid images on TV. A whirlwind of emotions stirred a surreal reaction of disbelief, rage and hate to eventually fear and finally despair. The dreadful thought we weren’t safe, quickly infested my mind.
The Fear of Helplessness.
One thing 9-11 taught us, it was to never ever let the wolf in. Always keep vigil and never ever be strayed, by the evil of man. The world has never been the same since, with the most recent cowardly acts on Paris.


Photo Credit : Susan Varze (my cousin)

There’s a Canadian saying, “Waking up the bear is never in the best interest of anyone.”
Waking up the bear they did!

Unleashing one of the most powerful armies in the world, with the Commander of Chief leading the way, the President of United States.
Once again, 14 years later, the bear of France has been woken, with President François Hollande vowing vengeance for the innocent dead.

Inviting Terrorists into Canada?
Here WE are today, Canada settling in more refugees then every before, knowingly these people come from torn cities, escaping the indescribable horrors of war. Our passionate ways tell us this is the right thing to do, while in the back of our mind, we truly wonder if we are safe.
Are we doing this too fast? Are we placing Canadians in harms way?

Following social media, reading text after text, the wave of comments are for and against, with unquestionable loyalty of compassion clouding our judgment, winning the fight to protect those in dreadful need.
The passionate cry out,” We must help those in need. We can’t fall to the fears of evil, that’s exactly what they want us to do!”
As it is we are taking in thousands to possibly 160,000 in the next five years. But wait, there’s more. Canada has decided to be more compassionate, by welcoming the new refugees with a free ride and medical treatments, all paid for by our Canadian tax dollar.
The most Canadian thing to do, right ? Or is it ?
How about all those new Canadians who were more than happy to pay their way?

Do they get a refund?
Where do we draw the line?
Recently, an immigrant challenged our Constitution, ( who’s been here for the last 14 years) decides it’s his right to renounces the oath to the Queen immediately after becoming a Canadian citizen. According to Global News, “…Dror Bar-Natan, a math professor from Israel, says the monarchy is a symbol of inequality and calls the portion of the oath dealing with it “repulsive.
Seriously? Repulsive?!
Where ever there’s a loophole, it allows new Canadian citizens to do what ever they want to do. Doesn’t the whole of Canada have the right to vote on the monarchy, before decided? What gives one man the right to change our oath?

It’s NOT right! Something is terribly wrong.
Will it be ok for all immigrants coming forth, to question the very structure of our way of life? Oh wait, they have already.
Ludicrous !
Their own country wouldn’t allow such an act, making it even more outlandish Canada allows it. This type of conflict in their own country would be quickly dealt with. Some countries would even go as far as using the sword of death
Canada – We stand on Guard for Thee…
Canada is afraid to stand fast for our very own Canadian oath. It’s clear to say our very own Constitution Act is crumbling before us. Before you know it, Canada will be nothing more than a wishy-washy unorganized collective of misfits. Lawlessness of nothingness.
Soon, new immigrants will be able incite their own believes into the very structure of our Constitution Act. It will be said, if it offends their religion, morals or believes, we can do what we want.

Question is,”Did we invite terrorists into Canada 🇨🇦?”

Our Constitution:
The Constitution Act of 1982, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
The Fundamental Freedoms state:
2 The following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.


Photo Credit : Bari Demers

Do we allow our Constitution to be abused ?
In the end, if the government begins to bend over, leaning in favour of everyone’s belief, there won’t be Canadian anymore. It’s beginning to change the course of something we are NOT, making us un-Canadian.
We, as Canadians, must stand fast for our values, but not at the cost of making us un-Canadian. Our historical way of life shouldn’t be dismissed by religion or personal attitude.
How long before the word ‘Christmas’ becomes taboo?

Just because it offends someone’s religion.
How long before the new religions take over our constitution and bans us from the very freedom we are fighting for ?
How long before Canadians no longer feel safe because of terrorism on our own soil ?
How long before someone renounces the Queen ? Oh wait! That just happened.
How long before its against the law to verbally announce, ” I’m Canadian! ”
They say, ” Give them an inch, they’ll take a yard.”
We must stay prudent and not allow the wolf to get in.

If we are NOT careful, our way of life may fade into the dust of tomorrow. We may become a Climate of Disbelief when Canada is no longer Canadian, fearing for our lives.
A Climate of Disbelief of unconscionable impossibilities.

By Bari Demers – screenwriter


UPDATE : Oct 1st 2017

TERRORISTS ATTACK ON EDMONTON – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Safety First – Are Canadians Safe? 

I’m all for our government helping out the war-torn women and children.

They really do need our assistance.  
As said by CBC’s article, “Trudeau also responded to a CBC story this week that said the government’s plan will give priority to families with children.”

But I’m concerned about the private organizations who are assisting whole families who aren’t about children. In fact, ( as you can see by the above photo) this particular family have only ONE under aged child. The rest are all adults.  Noticed the two brothers, one is 33 years old while the other is 29 years old.  The daughter is 23 years old.

We all know what happened in the United States – two brothers set off two explosives near the finish line of the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013 , killing three and wounding 264 … Both said they were motivated by extremist Islamist. 

These two brothers were recent immigrants from a large family too. 

What I didn’t know about bringing in refugees by private organizations, they don’t have to go by the same rules as our Canadian government has already set out.

Also, accordingly CBC have forward a list of what cities the refugees will live. For example, they tell us in BC, it’s the lower mainland, Vancouver area, which is true. But, private church organizations are bringing them into places, such as Kelowna.
These families will be privately assisted for ONE year. After that time, they must be interrogated into our society, assisted with full time jobs. This timeline doesn’t seem realistic to me.   
I hope they end up being a peaceful family, just happy to be away from the fear of a deadly war. Personally I can’t imagine such a thing. In Canada, we are extremely fortunate and possibly spoiled by the things we take for granted.
I’m also well aware of the security procedures and find this process troubling.  
I’m thankful our new honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has taken a second look into the security issues and listened to his experts. The original time slotted was indeed troubling. It takes a man and a leader to change his mind from his political goals to ensure the safety of all Canadians.
Trust me. Our Prime Minister knows a lot more of what is going on, then we do from our media-feed sources. His expert advisory committee are constantly keeping him up-to-speed, advising of possible threats through our Canadian cities.    

Safety first – right?  Are Canadians safe ? 

The above is all very concerning and requires further investigation. And that’s the point, we must investigate everything and remove the fiction, concentrating only on the facts. 
And, please, before everyone goes off on a tangent, I’m well aware of thousands of other refugees coming into Canada way before the much publicized Syrian refugees. Also aware of our homeless and veterans needs.

Please read one of my many articles. It’s about ‘Canadians Rage War with Words‘.  It will assist you to my further concerns.  Thank you. 

Please don’t be disgruntled and read more 

By Bari Demers 

(freelance writer and screenwriter ) 

Canadians Rage War with Words

I’m saddened by all the hate by Canadians. Unfortunately social media has allowed us to speak our mind without thinking first. 

Fuelled by anger, Canadians will freely wage war with words, using bullying tactics, instead of making informed intelligent statements backed with real facts.

For or against an opinion, is your constitution right, ‘The Right to Free Speech.’ As said under the Constitution Act, (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

Using hateful words, such as racist, bigotry, idiot, moron, stupid and unmentionable bully-type deceitful words, isn’t insightful of an intelligent person. Unfortunately anger is clouding judgement.  

Bullies are given a platform and they thrive on it! 

The racist card is most used, depicting those who don’t respect your views. Here’s the definition of racist : person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Believing a group of people who may be a potential threat to a whole society doesn’t make you a racist. Just because some prefer better screening technics to ensure the safety of their families and children, doesn’t make them racist.  

Instead, they are concerned with the lack of security and time.  

Did you know 22,405 Iraqi refugees have entered Canada since 2009? The difference here, it took three years to properly screen them. Now, in less than three months we are bringing in 25,000 more refugees, who so happen to be Syrians. 

I don’t care if Aliens came from another world, I would like to know their intentions along with proper screening. Does this mean I’m racist? 

Absolutely not! 

Concerned with our safety?  Yes. 

Bullies use words to degrade you. If you call someone RACISTS, BIGOTS, or MORONS, begin to look at yourself a little closer. Are you a bully? 
Before Facebook, Canadians were thought of as peaceful polite citizens, who take the time to weight out the facts before speaking. Sadly this is no longer the case.  

Opinions rage war against each other.  

Anger clouds the truth and could possibly spark action, feeling cornered, some make irrational decisions, causing havoc and harm to others.

The recent debate on refugees is gleefully a triumph for newspapers, CBC, and Global News. They relish the opposition, knowing all to well the topic is ridiculously vague. Sometimes it seems CBC and Global are strong liberal supporters, instead of being neutral. 

If you research the Canadian government website on the subject of refugees, you will quickly realize, refugees across the world, have been entering Canada for some time now. As said in my other post,” Did you know Canada already brought in 11,300 Syrian refugees since September 2015? Another 2,563 were resettled by October 5,2015. Resettlement of 22,405 Iraqi refugees has happened since 2009. They too came here under distressed situations.”

It’s clear, the world has been effected by the crisis in France, leaving a distasteful fear of the muslin community.  

Both sides of the debate have valid concerns. It’s up to us to make a logical sound statement without unleashing an angered fuelled temper showcasing bullying tactics.  


  1. We are all immigrants.  It’s true, our parents are most likely  immigrants, but so are the aboriginal people.  Immigration has been going on for 100,000 years.  It’s what we do to survive.  But let’s make it clear.  Those born in a country are NOT immigrants.
  2. Refugees will bring in terrorist.  It’s possible but highly unlikely. The terrorist you have to fear, are those already here, with fake Facebook names taunting us with their outrageous media posts. Young radical individuals are easily swayed throughout the world by propaganda.  They can be born Canadians, for all we know. 
  3. Refugees are coming in too fast, at an alarming rate. It’s not safe. True.  It’s impossible for security to verify at such a fast rate. But, then again, the refugees coming in are war-torn women and children who are fearing for their lives. The men are the ones who may need closer scrutiny. 
  4. Are we safe?    Security Officials across the world are concerned for our safety after the continuous attacks throughout each country. It’s an illusion to think we are safe. Eliminating the threat is top priority, with direct results from France, Russia, USA and Israel.  The happy-go-lucky attitude we can win this war by love and peace, is just plain illusional. The terrorist count on our free lifestyle of forgiveness to raise havoc on our society. They thrive on our compassion.  We must stay fast to those who call wolf too many times, which simply means to keep an eye out for those causing trouble or pretend to cause trouble. 
  5. We should be looking after our veterans and homeless.   Very true. It’s important to look after our own first. But, our homeless already have help. Some just choose not to be helped, due to their addiction or mental state. The veterans in need shouldn’t be ignored by our government, but I know a lot of veterans who are doing just fine. Truthfully, I can’t say I understand what the problem is, because I’m not a veteran or part of the military. Maybe this requires further investigation.  

And that’s the key.  

Before you make a conscious effort to voice your opinion on social media, do some research and investigate without using bullying tactics to stress your point. It’s a free country and we all have the right to our view, even if you disagree.  

We can all agree to disagree.  

Our new government needs to address the concerns of Canadians, with real facts, outlining the costs and how it will effect citizens of Canada. I’m concerned how much the liberal government is spending, because we know what happened last time they were in office. The deficit and unemployment wasn’t pretty. 

Attacking each other with hateful words isn’t at all Canadian.  Having your opinion doesn’t make you a bigot or racist, just because it’s against your own views.  

You can agree to disagree.  

Personally, I feel bullies are the real problem on social media, because they think they can hide behind a computer in the comfort of their home. They should be held accountable for their actions. It’s time to police social media.  

Bullies are a threat to society in your home and business. It’s time to eradicate bullies. 

Have an opinion?  Good!  

Let’s make an intelligent informed statement instead of waging war with words.  

Be thankful you live in a war-free country with values of freedom, allowed to exercise your right to religion, freedom of speech and culture. Be sure to voice your opinion to MP’s and our new honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, without hate.

I understand your fear but please don’t hate each other, otherwise the radical insane monsters have already won. 

By Bari Demers