The Truth About Climate Change

Let’s get to the true facts about climate change and how a liberal political agenda is using it as a base to brainwash our children through the teachers union, and mislead Canadians behind their real motives.

First and foremost, no matter who’s in political power, it’s important to show the people (who you represent) there’s growth in our economy. Growth means jobs, exporting to importing services and/or products ,and joining a strong respectable relationship with foreign leaders. In Canada 🇨🇦 it’s vital each province agrees with the federal government, in order to get anything done. Think of it as a mathematical equation. If one of these equations don’t add up, it just won’t work. You then know there’s a hidden agenda, programmed to raise the economy by false pretences.

Before I go into the false pretences, let’s go over “The Truth About Climate Change”. As a writer, it’s important to seek out the facts with a nonpartisanism view. My goal is to research the science before anything else, tapping into the hard work of respected research scientists across our planet. In my research, I have found a geophysicist showcasing the facts about climate change, without any political agenda attached.

Here are the facts :

“ As a geophysicist let me clear some things up for many here.

Climate change is real. Yes, those who say the climate has been warmer in the past are totally correct. During the Carboniferous hothouse period and the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum the temperature’s were far far hotter than they are today (and many other times in Earth’s history also).

So the notion that this is the warmest the Earth has been is totally incorrect.

However, the rate at which we are warming is alarmingly – so quick that this rate of change is extremely rare within the geologic record of the last two hundred years. Evolutionary adaptions occur over sub-geologic time ; hence change at such rate will undoubtedly cause extinctions.

[ aka : Earth causes human extinction and then reboots for three million years, developing a new evolutionary species.]

However, are we on the brink of disaster?

Is it scientifically accurate to say that there is no return if we don’t “fix” the climate now?

Absolutely NOT !

In fact we can easily reverse this provided we combine a number of geoengineering techniques.

It is a matter of fact that we will and have to continue to burn and utilize fossil fuels. Plastics, rubbers, chemical catalysts, feedstocks, etc and, not to mention infrastructures, cars, planes, all rely on fossil fuels.

Society would simply collapse without them ! That’s a fact!

Not only that but they provide the only affordable and large-scale energy source. The key is NOT to concentrate on reducing the necessity that is fossil fuels but instead to engineer our way around the issue.

Carbon Capture Storage is an excellent mechanism.

In fact it’s only disadvantage (according to the media) is it may leak back to the surface. This is virtually impossible by the laws of geology and physics!

When CO2 is injected into the subsurface it is done so as a supercritical fluid.

CO2 possesses a lower affinity for the solid silica surfaces of the microscopic interstices between rock grains.

This means that CO2 is non-wetting to that silica surface. It occupies the largest regions of the pore space.

This means when we inject water after CO2 the water can flow along the surface and the narrow regions of the pore space and trap the CO2 behind.

The analogy for this is as follows: Imagine flooding a room with only two exits with CO2. If the two exit doors are flooded outside by water then the CO2 physically becomes immobile. This means the CO2 is trapped and locked away for geologic time. By doing so we can extract more than enough CO2 from the atmosphere and reverse increase in temperatures and the coinciding side-effects.

Not only this but so many other excellent geoengineering ideas have been shown to work. Look at space mirrors, artificial trees and white surface conversions. There are some excellent papers on google scholar, just search for geoengineering.

The future is to continue extracting fossil fuels and an ever increasing rate so that everyone across the world can enjoy the quality of life that we do, but to simultaneously capture the emissions that result.

The truth is we need the news to start interviewing world experts on climate science, geophysics, geochemistry, petroleum science etc from the world’s top institutions in these fields: Stanford, Oxford, Imperial, MIT.

Not school kids who have been taught scientific inaccuracies!

So to summarize:

1. Is the climate changing? Yes. You are an idiot if you dispute this – the geochemistry clearly supports this.

2. Are we in risk of disaster? Are we all going to die? Do we need to stop burning fossil fuels like we do today? Absolutely not!

3. We need to employ geoengineering techniques in combination to reverse the modifications in climatic chemistry that we have seen over the last 250 years. This will require governments to employ the relevant policy, although many oil companies have started to utilize these techniques (look at the success of Equinor).

4. We need to begin to explore space, as we will soon be well beyond Earth’s carrying capacity which inherently makes climate change inevitable – our future home is among the stars.

Today’s Lesson : Don’t listen to the news, it’s designed to fit a certain agenda. Instead research the science; google scholar is a god send. Make sure you’re reading articles from established institutions with well respected research scientists.” – Bertie James (geophysicist)

It’s vital as human beings to use our brains instead of being distracted by our feelings, in order to understand the underlying truth. Never rely on any politician, as 99% are as bad as used-car-salesmen. They will hide the facts while boosting how their collective party will improve Canadians well-being. [ This is true for any world government] If it sounds too good to be true, it’s NOT the real truth. Unfortunately, this is what the liberal government of Canada is doing right now.

The question is : How do you hide the truth while making yourself sound like a new wave for the future ?

You take a collective problem (aka Climate Change) and begin using this agenda by directing educators and liberal scientists to promote propaganda. Each one has its own agenda ; be it funding or filling their pockets full of money, due to greed. Their goal is persuade you there’s a crisis at hand and if we don’t react, we’ll all die. They lead with some truth while hiding underlining facts.

For example they hide this fact : “During the Carboniferous hothouse period and the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum the temperature’s were far far hotter than they are today.” In fact, if you go back millions of years, Earth has had this same cycle since it’s creation.

AND – I hate this idiot response,” How do you know ? Were you there?!”

Put trust in our scientists through countless years of research and study. Like one of Judge Judy’s quotes,” This is my courtroom and I can say what I want. When you become a judge, then we’ll talk.“ So, when you become a distinguished scientist, then we’ll talk.

Is it true mankind has contributed to climate change? Of course they have. But let’s stop blaming everyone without realizing where the problem is coming from. I’m sure you’ve heard media say,” Canada is the problem, as it’s arctic is getting warmer. CBC is a good example of that. They are a liberal collective media machine owned by government funding. So it’s in their best interest to sway Canadians into the overall collective: The Liberal Party.

Here’s an example of CBC media, who received their data from a partisan Dianne Saxe, the former environment commissioner for Ontario who now runs the green consultancy :

“Canada’s refrigerator, the Arctic, is warming fast. The Earth’s climate warms faster near the poles. Why is still being studied, but the reasons include feedback cycles that are internal to the climate system, such as the positive feedbacks that occur when snow and ice melt to reveal darker, warmer surfaces below, and when more energy in the air and water currents are transported to the high latitudes. Also, land warms faster than oceans, and Canada has a huge land area that is away from the oceans.

We often read that Canada has some of the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world. Why is that? “

A collective question to promote their agenda. So what’s their agenda? Shame and program Canadians into thinking we’re the cause for everything wrong by promoting radical extremism, like those who do not believe in eating meat. Those who believe they can say and do anything without any consequences. They’re the thorn in your side. Radical extremists have a chip-on-their-shoulder ready to exploit their views onto everyone, no matter if they like it or not !

It’s like a religious cult trying their best to force you into their beliefs. In one word – Control.

A good example of this is communism. Their goal is to control the mass population by what ever means necessary. They want to program you like a flock of sheep. Our children are easily persuaded through propaganda at school. What better way to bring up their future followers and voters ?

Let’s continue what CBC spokeswoman says in their next paragraph:

“ Reasons include Canada produces very large emissions from its industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals. Canadians drive the least efficient vehicles in the world, use a lot of heat during cold winters, fly often and far, eat a lot of beef and use up and throw away immense amounts of stuff of all kinds. Some provinces still burn a lot of coal.”

Here, CBC is shaming Canadians into believing we’re “users” of our resources, which is not completely true. Our vehicles for one, are efficient enough due to our population and CO2 emissions.

China, United States, Russia, European Union, Japan, Germany, North and South Korea, and Brazil (including International Shipping across the globe) all have higher emissions then Canada 🇨🇦. As well, it’s clear humans and animals breathe, emits more CO2 then our processing cattle for food. We inhale air, resulting in 385 parts per million carbon dioxide. As you exhale, you release ten times as much. However, plants soak up our carbon, making it accountable to our living status. This is why it’s so important to look after our plants. It was once joked our plants are harvesting us to keep earth green.

Maybe this is closer to the truth then we know. Trust me, if the earth thought we were a deterrent to the eco-system, human beings and animals would have been eliminated long time ago.

Regardless of that fact, our growing population is the real problem.

Humans are like this disease growing out-of-control.

This is why it’s important “we need to begin to explore space as we will soon be well beyond Earth’s carrying capacity which inherently makes climate change inevitable – our future home is among the stars. “ Bertie James (geophysicist)

Now CBC spokeswoman also blames us for “produces very large emissions from its industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals.”

Have you seen the production in Texas lately?

Texas is the leading U.S. producer of both crude oil and natural gas. Then there’s Russia. A whole city is completely polluted by CO2 emissions, petrochemicals waste along with Germany’s massive strip-mining.

It makes Alberta Oil Sands look like a toddler, in comparison. [ Read more by CBC – read behind the lines]

It’s a political ploy to throw the blame onto someone else, in order to gain an economic advantage in their country. United States is laughing all the way to the bank. You think those celebrities weren’t paid to come up to Alberta Oil Sands ? Of course they were ! Don’t forget they fly up in their private high-octane fuelled jets and then use a helicopter to view the area. Each protester, including our very own David Suzuki, leave a significant carbon trail, while collecting a grand sum of cash.

If only we could keep the politics out of science and begin to rely on “The Truth about Climate Change.”

The bottom line is to control our population, adapt to viable resources like using our Sun’s solar energy and power, without being taxed by greedy corporations, who are thirsty for POWER. Plus, we must be vigilant towards the underlying reason our political government has implemented Carbon Tax.

But also remember:

“It is a matter of fact that we will and have to continue to burn and utilize fossil fuels. Plastics, rubbers, chemical catalysts, feedstocks, etc and, not to mention infrastructures, cars, planes, all rely on fossil fuels.

Society would simply collapse without them ! That’s a fact! “

The reason the liberal government is using “Climate Change” as their political machine is to generate money to make it seem like the economy is growing. We already know, by the Bank of Canada, this is certainly NOT the case! In fact, they’re extremely nervous in our overall growth. Legalize marijuana was hoped to produce a surplus of funds too. The liberal government forgot about the long slow process of any government, as its wheels take a long time to get rolling. They also did the unforgivable no no ; they’re priced higher then your local drug dealer – OH OH!

When Justin Trudeau first came into power, I was optimistic in the new leadership. He’s young and the millenniums love him. Oh dear GOD you can do no harm. We believe in you. Praise the Lord.

Oh brother! We aren’t a flock of sheep!

In the beginning I too drank the purple Kool-aid. However, while under deeper scrutiny, I quickly became fearful of his cult following, from changing our Constitutional Rights to taxing us to death 💀. Let’s not forget about rubbing shoulders with SNC-Lavalin, trying to pressure Jody Wilson-Raybould from proceeding a criminal prosecution. Removing any opposition is a clear sign of “controlling the public”.

Let’s be real here.

Political parties are looking after their own hidden agenda. It’s up to us “The People of Canada” to make damn sure their honest and looking towards the interest of ALL Canadians. We can’t be swayed by emotion or follow our leader, like a flock of sheep.

I do hope you haven’t taken part in drinking the purple Kool-aid. Please, please, please…compare real facts with truth and not an underlying political agenda.

Keep every politician accountable for their actions, otherwise “The People of Canada” will no longer have control in our own destiny or our children’s welfare.

As Judge Judy said,”Don’t look up at the heavens. God is not going to help you with this case. Only the truth will set you free.”

Bari Demers – screenwriter

Poverty Outcome

Always keeping tabs of how our Canadian government is looking out for Canadians who have the misfortune of being born into poverty, along with senior citizens.

In the ‘50’s poverty and substance abuse wasn’t necessarily looked after. However (back then) I remember the Catholic Church helping us out. Still remember the Nuns feeding us and teaching me how to read. One Nun in particular, I still remember her name to this very day, Sister Vincent Mary. If it wasn’t for her extra time and support, school would have of been much harder. She would bring me food each morning, so I could have some kind of breakfast, saying,” You can’t learn on an empty stomach dear.”

Sister Vincent Mary was like that mother you never had, nurturing me throughout Grade One and Two.


To be clear, I’m NOT religious, but do recognize how the community churches can help those struggling. Most recently, I’ve noticed how some will abuse the system. Totally against that too.

I understand how you may be surprised to learn I’m not religious, considering how the Catholic Church looked after us. After years of studying various religions, it was clear to me how man-made religion is destroying our society, to this very minute. To fight over whose GOD is better then the others, is unconscionable. Unfortunately, mankind is plagued by the misuse of religious beliefs. This is why I considered myself SPIRITUAL and NOT religious. I believe in a GOD, but not how you would think.

Read more…


Anyway – Today, our government has become more active in helping those in poverty, which is good to hear.

Read this article

Going into Retirement, I’m still afraid of the “Wolf Knocking on our Door”. Poverty isn’t something you want to experience. It’s not only degrading to your human spirit but totally unhealthy to YOU as a person.

I’m hopeful and inspired the “Government of Canada has increased the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) for the lowest-income seniors by up to $600 annually for single seniors and $840 for couples. This investment of $300 million each year improves the well-being of approximately 680 000 seniors across Canada. It is the highest percentage increase in over 25 years. Read more HERE.

Settling into retirement with a fixed income is pretty scary, where your set-income stays the same, while everything else keeps rising. Eventually food, transportation and housing becomes out-of-reach.

For example, if you totally relied on the retirement figures, this would be your income today as a senior couple :


This is why RRSP’s are SO important to establish. As well, if your spouse dies, then your income is cut in half.

$1890 is barely enough income to pay mortgage or rent, food and expenses. Eventually, your car becomes a luxury,

Don’t think to rely on a company pension either.

My grandmother was a teacher. During the 1970’s an accountant misused their funds and she lost that side of her income. It’s NOT the fear the company may fold. No…it’s if someone responsible for all that money, fraudulently takes that money 💰 for themselves ; or its invested poorly.

The point is you must be prepared for some kind of nest egg in your senior years. IF NOT, it may lead to a precarious situation, finding yourself in complete poverty.

Thankfully, our Canadian system has programs to help out, as well as community support.

The only thing they haven’t done for seniors, is set up private homes for low-income. I’m NOT talking about rental system, I’m talking about your own “freehold” homes. Maybe a government outreach system can help seniors who already own a home and haven’t been able to pay off the mortgage.

Before, it was the norm for earners to pay off their mortgage before they retire. However, that equation has become increasingly out-of-reach, due to the scale of real estate.

Today, it’s a fact, each senior will most likely have a mortgage to attend to after retirement. I believe the banks should become more aware of that equation, because (believe it or not) a monthly mortgage is cheaper then rent. So, it only makes sense for banks to change their prospective.

The last thing you want to see, is a senior homeless, simply because their spouse died before them and/or they can’t afford their own home any more.

In today’s scenario, you can’t rely on staying with your children. Most likely, they are drowning in debt, due to our increase economy. Adding on an increase expense (their parents) wouldn’t end well.


I know what poverty is and how substance abuse can effect ones life. My real mum (mom) was an alcoholic. She would do anything to have that next fix. Even though, my dad had a good trade, my mum would use any extra income on alcohol. Back then, my dad worked up North, sending money home to pay for groceries and the mortgage. Most of that money went into my mom’s addiction. I still can remember her stealing groceries from the supermarket and forging checks, to hide her addiction. There were times, we were in the police station, as my mum was arrested. Believe you me, the cops back then were unforgiving, treating us like dirt. Remember one time, this police captain saying to my uncle Ron (who ended being the one picking me up) , “ Will you get this goddam kid off my desk, can’t stand looking at him.”

I was only 6 years old.

Police have grown since then, with community outposts. However, some still have this “power of authority”, misusing it to their own personal advantage (bully if you will). However, I’ve met some respectful police officers who are only doing their job. Their job can be overwhelming, to say the least. They too have their demons.

Going back to my Mum ; even though her addiction consumed her life, she must of realized how important a home is, because the mortgage was always paid. However, homes back then cost nearly nothing. It only took one income not two.

The point is, poverty is more then you think. It’s NOT only a lack of funds, it’s addiction that can lead to poverty and even death.

Born within an alcoholic mum brought personal challenges to me and my sister. We’ve adapted throughout our whole life to compensate for it.

I’m not saying my mum was a bad person. Far from the truth. She unfortunately had an addiction (disease, if you will) that kept her struggling until her early death. When sober, she would pamper us the best way she knew how. In an alcoholic rage, I would sometimes be locked in a closet, for what seemed like hours. After coming to her senses, she would be crying, holding me,” I didn’t mean it baby. I didn’t mean it. Mommy’s not doing too well. Sorry baby, Mommy’s so sorry. I love you.”

We would hug like there’s no tomorrow.

The next day, Mum would be buy me a toy, to make up for her discretions. It was common for my sister and I to stay in the car for hours, while she was drinking in her favourite salon. Mum driving home drunk was the norm. I’m surprised to this day, we weren’t in an accident.

My dad has his own demons and would physically abuse my mum because of her alcoholism. Remembering a dysfunctional family back then, from them throwing plates at each other to unthinkable events, you would only think would happen in a horror movie. My sister and I would have our regular beatings. Many times I was thrown down a flight of stairs, landing on a concrete basement floor. Don’t know how long I lye there unconscious, but remember picking myself up, bruised and war torn. Point blank ; my father was extremely abusive to all of us and that’s one thing I have never forgiven.

Unless it’s happened to you, it’s very hard to understand.


Poverty is something our government needs to address with our increasingly economy. I can’t imagine going back into poverty, just because of retirement. As a matter of fact, I won’t. One way or another, I’ll keep my dignity.

Poverty and substance abuse must be addressed in our near future, otherwise the world won’t be able to control the outcome.

Something to think about for whatever government gets into power.

Yes. Our Canadian government. The system needs to change into the betterment for human beings. Any government in control of CANADA 🇨🇦 must start to realize, they ARE ACCOUNTABLE to each Canadian citizen. We are NOT pawns to be played with in your political conquest. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. The responsibility of a political leader to its Canadian citizens is extremely important.

You know, if Jody Wilson-Raybould decided to run for Prime Minister, I would truly vote for her. To me, she’s someone that stands up for Canadians, adding accountability to our Canadian government. I’m not really one hundred percent liberal or conservative. Maybe we need a new government more accountable for their actions. WE could call it : THE CANADIAN COLLECTIVE with a slogan “ We hold ourselves accountable to ALL Canadians, not just the rich.”

After-all, all we’re looking for, is NOT to worry about that wolf knocking on our door (aka Poverty). WE Canadians will do our part, working hard and paying our taxes. But please give the poor and our senior citizens the respect they deserve.

And YES – I believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should apologize to Jody Wilson-Raybould. It’s unconscionable for our Prime Minister to hide under his cover-up attempts. Thank you Jody for taking the “last stand” for ALL CANADIANS. I truly respect and appreciate you holding up the laws of the perspective FIRST NATIONS lands, we now hold dear to us.

Peace Out…

Bari Demers – screenwriter and storyteller



WE ARE ALL HUMAN. However, with over 7.4 billion people, we can’t seem to get along. Mother Earth is barely holding on, as diverse cultures breed across its globe.

Mother Earth is constantly being misused by HUMAN BEINGS, polluting the lands, our oceans and the air we breathe. As we coexist with millions of species of wildlife, our arrogant self is damaging our planet faster then ever before. Our over-populated species are crowding every little space, consuming our resources at an alarming rate. WE already know, in order to sustain us, our species must explore the universe, sure to infect another planet, before it’s too late.


We’re like this out-of-control virus, with this incurable sensation to survive, no matter what. However, nature is fighting back. It’s in our genetics, tracing back to our prehistoric ancestors (the caveman) keeping close to our KIND.

Our “kind” can be divided up into five races :

• Caucasoid

• Negroid

• Capoid

• Mongoloid (Oriental/ Amerindian)

• Australoid (Australian Aborigine and Papuan)

It’s then we’re subdivided into each of our origins, such as English, French, and Italian. After this division, we become more divided by each religion and culture. AND – that’s where everything goes to HELL. Nature is fighting back because of our narrow mindedness. We humans cause wars over religion, race, culture and colour, in an attempt to say we’re a better race or have the right religion. In the end, we’ll eliminate ourselves as nature continues on without us. It may take a million years, but Mother Earth will reboot, starting up another evolutionary species.

It’s sad, really.

Here we are ; intelligent HOMO-SAPIENS evolving from our ancestors, but too stupid to realize our own fate, due to arrogance. Our species are resourceful but can never accept or respect each other for who we are.


Instead we nitpick, clumped together in each of our own cultures, like the caveman we are. Let’s look at ME for example. My culture is said to be a mixture of French and Italian, but my DNA throws in Cree. Because I’m NOT one hundred percent French, Italian or Cree, each culture doesn’t consider me part of their family. As far as their concerned, I’m just a cross-breed, otherwise known as “Heinz 57”. It means, the French, Italians and Cree don’t respect me for who I am. THEY will NOT welcome me into their homes, because technically I’m not part of their culture.


Even though my father comes from a long line of DEMERS following back to the origins of France, settling in Lower Canada 🇨🇦 (now Quebec) way before the English ever step foot on Canadian soil, the French will never consider me their own.

Even though my mother comes from a long line of VARZES since the Roman Empire, the Italians have never welcomed me into their homes, since my grandfather died.

Even though my French ancestors played house with the first nations (indigenous aboriginal) people, the Cree think of me as an outsider. When we use the term, “Indian”, we’re quickly referred to as being racist, when their race freely refer us, as “White Man”. Believe it or not, both slangs are indeed racist.

Let me explain further.

I’m an artist, be it writing, drawing or graphic design. My Art has taken me along many adventures, including submersing myself into the Northwest Native Art, for the past 40 years. Just recently I asked a member of the First Nations people to help me with this design, as I want to explore the inner meanings of their culture. This is what this person told me, “ I don’t feel comfortable giving advise because the art work you are trying to produce is a form of cultural appropriation. There is more knowledge that goes into a design, that has been passed down from many generations, and has almost went extinct. This is our form of visual language. I appreciate that you enjoy our culture, but there is so much more to learn to respect the artwork.”

Teach me then.

Please teach me the right way to embrace your culture. No response.

Little does she realize I’ve study this art form when I was a teenager. I’m well aware of each cultural background, but like many First Nations People, they each have their own spin on it. It’s their personal art, from their inner soul and spirituality. I may not be one hundred percent Cree, but that’s doesn’t make me an outsider.

Cultural Appropriation.

Now that term is offensive to any artist on this planet. Each artist has his/her own way to express their inner demons of expression, since the dawn of mankind. Each tribal member may have its own form of language arts, but it’s not right to say, we don’t have the right to express it in our own form. That’s like telling an artist you’re banned from expression. I truly understand they want to keep their culture and way of life, passing it down from generation to generation. In fact, I totally respect their culture, requiring guidance, to pursue my artwork. BUT…not to allow an artist to express themselves, has gone too far. Ironically, she asks her followers to draw their expression of Spiritual animals, such as a whale, raven or eagle. Isn’t that also a form of cultural appropriation ?


I’m a human beings, like any other human being on this earth. All I’m asking is to stop crying wolf when you’re doing the same to others. Treat me as a human being. Treat me NOT as an outsider, but share me your culture. WE must all be treated like EQUALS, no matter your race, religion or cultural upbringing. Embracing each other as a loving family is when WE may eventually get along. To close-the-door in my face is not only rude but arrogant, no matter who YOU are.

The French and Italians have done the exact same thing. So be it. I’m CANADIAN and extremely proud to be part of this wonderful country. My culture is Canadian, that’s my NEW culture.

It frustrates me to no end, as each culture embraces their own, without inviting outsiders, welcoming them in. I say,”Look forward to the future, embrace each human being as your GOD intended YOU to. It’s called respect.”

By Bari Demers – screenwriter

NOTE : Please be respectful. You never know what may come out of it.

Welcome to Canada 

Welcome to Canada
Due to the election and the possibility that Donald Trump may become President of United States, the Canadian government has released (for the very first time in Canadian history), the option for Americans to live in Canada as long as they know Canadian friends.

NOTE : Read important message way down below after you read this amazing offer.

The new government program is called “Free Americans from Donald Trump” 
For a Limited Time Offer : 

  1. Any American coming from the United States will get refugee status and the government of Canada will supply each American with a place to stay for up to three years.
  2. They will also be offered work in relationship to their profession. If they like, they can start a business of their choice, with start-up costs provided by the Government of Canada.
  3. All Americans can keep their American status and are allowed the option to get dual citizenship, if they are pleased to do so. (We Canadians wish to please).
  4. All Americans are allowed to pick the province they choose to live. But just so you know, the Okanagan Valley in the southern part of a British Columbia is indeed the most wonderful place to live. 
  5. Those with celebrity status (such as Cher) have the option of becoming an American ambassador in Canada, receiving free health care, free coffee at Tim Horton, each and every year they stay in Canada. On top of that, they will have the option to live in the beautiful Okanagan or Vancouver Island area, living in an estate mansion of their choice, subsidized by the Canadian government. In return, they must promote “Free Americans from Donald Trump”. They may choose any province of Canada they so wish to live, but must supply their own mansion.  
  6. Anyone with professions, such as Doctor, Lawyer, Architect and Engineer, will get supplemental BONUS income, just for coming to live in Canada 🇨🇦. 
  7. Any past or present NASA employees are encouraged to work for The Canadian Space Agency, working together towards a goal, planning for a mission to Mars and the Moon, in order to colonize them. They may also start their own company with start-up costs provided by the Government of Canada. 
  8. The Canadian government encourages all Americans to fly their flag as proud American citizens, if they choose to do so. 
  9. If you would like to stay with your Canadian friends, the Canadian government will allow Canadians to move into a five bedroom house at half the cost of your typical condo. That’s approximately $300,000 for a five bedroom home (usual cost is approximately $650,000 – $1,400,595 depending which province your staying at). 
  10. All Americans arriving before March 20 2017 will also receive free Passes to all Canadian National Parks for two years. And, if deemed so, they can fly Drones within the Parks, under supervised care of a professionally Educator, such as our Ambassador Of Flight, Romeo Durscher.  
  11. Last but NOT Least : Once a year, we will have ONE BIG 5 Day Party in Las Vegas, paid for by the Government of Canada. 

The above is a limited time offer and it’s best you come before the snow flies up here in the Great White North. Sign the waiver document below before Oct 31 2016 and YOU will also receive an additional FREE Expedition Parka Fusion valued at $1000 US. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear is made in Canada since 1957. Canada Goose provides Parkas, coats, shells, jackets, bibs, pants, gloves, mittens and toque (Tuk or otherwise known as a bloody warm hat) for the whole family. 

The Canadian government and the Canadian people will welcome all Americans in a celebration resembling the Fourth of July – Independence Day. Every year we will celebrate “Independence Day in Canada” waving both American and Canadian flags. 
It’s our commitment to help our friendly American neighbours in times of uncertainty and make them feel at home in Canada. 

Home away from Home, sort-of-speak. 

Don’t worry, we will teach you how to say,” Eh?” at the end of each sentence. Pretty soon you’ll be saying these very words,” I’m American and I’m living in Canada as an American citizen. That’s pretty good…eh?” At first the term “eh” will be hard to get use to, but after a year it will become part of your vocabulary…eh?  It quite possible Canada may be the new WESTWORLD

We welcome our American friends to Canada! Bonjour America! 

Mission Hill Winery Photo Credit : Bari Demers

The above photo is within the heart of Kelowna by Bari Demers 

Fine Print Wavier – Release of Liability

Read carefully – This will affect your legal rights, but don’t worry, eh?

In exchange for participation in the activities within Canada and/ or its properties of the Canadian Government, including its facilities and services of the Canadian Governments and its citizens of Canada, I agree for myself and ( if applicable) for the members of my family, to the following: 

  • I agree to observe and obey all laws and posted rules, including warnings, and further agree any oral instructions or directions given by the Canadian Government of Canada and its citizens , including employees, representatives and/or agents of the Canadian Government of 🇨🇦. 
  • I recognize that there are contain inherent risks associated with the above described activities and I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself and ( if applicable) my family members including costs related with buyers remorse. We further release the Canadian Government of Canada for injury, loss or damages arising out of my or families use of or presence upon the Government of Canada and its Canadian citizens, weather caused by the fault of myself, my families or the Government of Canada and/or it’s Canadian citizens or any third parties. 
  • I agree to indemnify and defend the Canadian Government and/or Canadian citizens and/or its third parties against all claims, causes of damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may, in any way arise from myself or my families use of the Canadian Government of Canada and/or its Canadian citizens including any third parties involved.
  • I agree to pay for all damages to the Canadian Government of Canada caused by myself or my families negligent, reckless or willful actions.
  • Any legal or equitable clam that may arise from the above participation will be immediately resolved under the laws of the Canadian Government. 

I have read carefully this legal document carefully and totally understand it. Further more I agree to include into my vocabulary “eh” as part of the agreement above.  
I further understand that by signing this legal document and release waiver, I voluntarily surrender certain legal rights, as outlined in this legal document. 
Dated ________ of 2017 
Address of Participates and/or Participants and any Third Parties. 
Sign on this day ______ of the month of _________ of the year_______. 

The above photo is of Kalamaka Lake ( lake of many colours) in Vernon, BC – Photo  Credit : Bari Demers 


Welcome to Canada! 🇨🇦

We hope our American friends enjoy living in Canada, as we deem our friends of America as our friendly neighbours and we hope you do come and visit CANADA on a regular basis.  

We also like to THANK YOU for all the fun we’ve had in Vegas, Nevada Arizona, California, Montana and Hawaii – we Canadians truly appreciate your patronage and warm welcome into the United States. 

BUT – the offer above is humour, as I don’t believe our Prime Minister would allow it. 

Please read :

FIRST and foremost, Canadian’s already know Americans rarely think of Canada or even care. But, we do care what happens south of us. As a business relationship, our countries trade back and forth one billion dollars, each and every day. That in itself means something. Everything United States does, effects Canada, in one way or another. 

But to most Canadians, it not only about business, it’s friendships. We want the best for Americans to. And when there’s an upset in your election, we listen. We really listen. 

The newly elect Donald Trump may be what your hoping for, but it worries us greatly. We wonder if the Electoral College system works properly ? Does it really work for the people? 

With the recent protests and young Americans placing up signs, saying,” All Power to All the People” we begin to worry. Is the Electoral College system working like it should? 

Does each vote count? 

And that’s the problem. We have the similar problem here in Canada, where each Province is counted in relationship to the population. In other words, you would need the votes of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to all agree, in order to beat the eastern Canadian population, as in Ontario and Quebec. Unfortunately Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all have a hard time for their vote to be counted. 

What this means, in Federal Elections in Canada 🇨🇦 Ontario and Quebec dictate the outcome of the election. Mind you, in this last Federal Election, the west and east agreed with the liberal election of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

An overwhelmingly majority. 

Luckily for us, Prime Minister Trudeau has worked out for all Canadians. The only thing I wish – stop spending money. 

But, as for the Electoral College and our system in Canada, it doesn’t seem to be in the favour of a true democracy. A democracy where all the people are heard, all the time. 

I believe the sign in the NY protest says it all : 

Women Power

Black Power

Gay Power

Student Power

All Power to All the People 

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next six months.  

AND – 

The Trump University court cases ? Three of them involve serious lawsuits, involving Trump and his companies in allegations of fraud and racketeering. As he settles into the White House, and it just so happens he gets charged in just one of these allegations, he will be impeached like President Nixon was in August 1974, during the Watergate scandal. 

The definition of Impeachment: a formal accusation of wrongdoing against a public official. According to the United States Constitution, the House of Representatives can vote to impeach an official, but the Senate actually tries the case.
The moral of this story ? 

All Power to All of the People all of the time.

After a year long election, everyone just wants to get back to the normality of living. But I don’t think things will be normal in the United States for the next four years.  

As far as Canada is concerned, Trump may start up the pipeline extension across the United States 🇺🇸. This will surely evoke protests and unrest, but for the Province of Alberta, it will mean prosperity. 

Four years – what will it mean to Canada 🇨🇦 and United States 🇺🇸? 

We Canadians (I do mean anyone with a brain) real do understand the importance of what happens to our Americans friends. And I do say friends, because we respect your opinion, even though we may not agree with some of them ( example: gun control). We can agree to disagree. 

And yes, it’s true, we know Americans don’t even think of Canada. Period. 

We understand a true friendship takes time to grow and we will wait, ready to welcome you into Canada, as a friend. A friend where we share the same values of freedom, lifestyle and goals for our children and grandchildren. 

And – if you’re happy with the newly elect Donald Trump, that is your right. We can only hope for the best in America, and hope for Americans to successful understanding the hopes and dreams for Canadians too. 

That’s all we can hope for. 

On that note, I would like to mention, I wrote this piece on our Freedom and what it really means. Please read it and you’ll understand a little of Canada and how we think of our freedom as you do. Thank you for listening and I truly welcome my friendly American neighbours, of which I have many. 

Cheers from Canada 🇨🇦! 

BTW – Canadians love Vegas – a lot! So much so I operate a fun Facebook Page called Vegas Reviews – come join in the FUN of Las Vegas ! 

By  Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer

The Canadian Connection – Las Vegas

If you love Vegas as much as I do, this next article I wrote called,”The Canadian Connection”, will spark your interest to the rising costs for Canadians visiting Las Vegas.
I hope you enjoy : The Canadian Connection
By Bari Demers

The photo I captured is from the 16th floor floor of the Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas – overlooking the pool courtyard. It’s indeed a beautiful resort!


What’s Canadian ?

Being Canadian could be best described as the polite neighbours along the northern border of America who enjoy beer and hockey.  Well, that’s the just of it, right ? 

Sorry to say, but there’s a lot more to Canadians then that.  

So let see how Canadian Savvy you are by correctly answering the questions below.

Warning: Beyond this point you must appreciate Canadian humour, eh? 

Question One : Canada’s favourite sport is?

A. Canadians are hockey lovers. It’s a common tradition for Canadians to hang a couple of hockey sticks on their wall, supporting their favourite team. When Canadians visit each other, they head over to the wall showcasing the hockey sticks. The first thing they say,” Oh, I see you’re a Edmonton Oiler fan, eh?” Or,” Oh yeah, what a hoser, you’re a Vancouver Canucks Fan, I see, eh?” They spend hours discussing hockey. Even the women are hardcore hockey fans. Go figure,eh?
B. Canadians rather watch football than hockey any day.
C. Canadians love playing Lacrosse.
D. Canadians enjoy the sport, “Making a Snowman”. Every home during the long winter months, feature a Snowman. Each home owner likes to out-do their neighbours. It’s common to hear them talk about the snowman competition in their local bars,” Im building the biggest, meanest looking snowman you ever did see. What do you think of that, eh?”

E. Soccer of course! Canadians favourite sport is soccer.

F. Needle point is a favourite past time, competition is fierce.

G. We all know basketball is Canada’s favourite sport. After all, basketball was invented by Canadians. 


Question Two: Where does Poutine originate from?

A. Poutine was first made in Germany. It’s fried sliced potatoes sauté with onions.

B. Poutine is a big ass meal. Golden French Fries are covered in cheese curds and drizzled with a rich gravy. It’s said to originate from Quebec.

C. Poutine is originally from Alberta. It’s silver dollar pancakes drizzled with Canadian Maple syrup.

D. Poutine was first introduce in France. French Fries covered with Camembert cheese and a rich Robert sauce. It’s topped with white truffles. 


Question Three: What the heck is a Toque?

A. Toque is a process for making smoked salmon. You “toque” it before it heads into the smoker.

B. Toque is a Canadian sock where each part of the sock has a individual toe. It comes in many colours.

C. Toque is a special mechanics tool used on Canadian cars.

D. Toque was a helmet designed specifically for Wayne Gretzky during his time with Edmonton.

E. Toque is a fuzzy warm winter hat worn by most Canadians during the cold winter months, which is, by the way, 9 months of the year.

F. A Toque is a name given to Canadian entrepreneurs, like the ones you see on the famous CBC TV show,” Dragons Den”. You probably heard of Entrepreneur, Kevin O’Leary commonly named,” Mr Wonderful” during the American show, ” Shark Tank”. In Canada, we call him Mr Wonderful – The Toque. 


Question Four: Who or what is Wayne Gretzky ?

A. Wayne is a famous football star.

B. Gretzky is a special smoked bbq salmon dish served with hollandaise and caviar, it was named after the Wayne brothers – hence : Wayne Gretzky.

C. Wayne Gretzky is originally from UK and a famous soccer star in Canada.

D. Wayne Gretzky was named after the Las Vegas Hockey camp, which takes place every year. He was a War Hero and his best friend is Bari Demers.

E. Wayne Gretzky is originally from Ontario, use to play for the Edmonton Oilers, LA Kings and referred to as one of hockey’s all time Greats, was a Canadian hockey player and former head coach with NHL – famously nicknamed ” The Great One.”

F. Wayne Gretzky is a super star goalie. Born in Calgary, Alberta. He has always loved winter sports. It was common to see him skiing up near Lake Louise, Alberta. He would cause a lot of problems on the hill because women couldn’t keep their eyes off him, constantly asking for his autograph. Women adore him so much, they gave him the nickname ” The Great One.” 

Question Five: What the heck is a Loonie?

A. It’s a famous bird only seen in Canada. The Loonie has a 7 metre long wing span, white speckled breast with colourful red spots. It’s has a unique long taper beak. It was closely examined by British and French engineers; they incorporated the Loonies design into the nose of its Concorde Jet.

B. It’s a special slug coin used specifically for vending machines, only in Canada. It was a joke by our Prime Minister.

C. Loonie was the nicknamed used for Canadians who smoked wacky cigarettes. The RCMP noticed each time a Canadian, eh, would smoked a wacky tobacco, they went totally Loonie, hence the name : Loonie.

D. It’s used as Canadian currency, a One Dollar Coin used in place of its paper dollar bill. It’s said to drive Canadians Loonie. 


Question Six : What is a Mickey?

A. Mickey is a special statue in tribute to the American icon Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney was so impressed with how many Canadians love going to Disneyland, he had a bronze statue made during his visit to Vancouver. Vancouver now has it on display in the famous Stanley Park.

B. Mickey was a famous logger from Prince George, British Columbia. He was equal to Americans Paul Bunyan. You can see Mickey’s gigantic statue as you enter Prince George.

C. Mickey is a Canadian comedian from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. His famous stand-up line started with,” How’s the weather, eh? You crazy bunch of Loonies.” Mickey is adored throughout Canada.

D. Mickey is named after a 375 ml bottle of liquor. Most Canadians are famous to say,” Can you pick me up a Mickey, eh?” 


Question Seven: What the heck is a Forty Pounder?

A. A Forty Pounder is when a Canadian reaches the age of 40 years old. For Canadians its devastating reaching 40 years old, so it’s traditional for them to go out on the town raising hell, pounding the bars all night long, hence : “Forty Pounder”. In order for them receive free booze, its traditional to wear a flashy red Canadian flag. Canadians love any excuse to celebrate.

B. Forty Pounder is the biggest Canadian hamburger ever made. It features Canadian back-bacon, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, big ass double hamburger patties drenched in Canadian whiskey and sauté beefsteak mushrooms.

C. Canadians call a “Forty Pounder” for those who need or have lost 40 lbs. Apparently it’s really hard for Canadians to loose forty pounds, because of the cold long winters. The Canadian Fitness Company has a special ” Forty Pound” weight loss program. It’s approved by the Canadian government, to improve on the health of Canadians. It’s been rumoured it has something to do with all the beer they drink.

D. A Forty Pounder is the size of a bottle of liquor, in litres it’s said to be 1.14 L tall. Some say it actually weights in at 40 lbs. This is usually purchased during the long winter months. It’s a Canadian form to hibernation. 


Question Eight: The Great White North – Where exactly is it?

A. The Great White North is said to be the village where Santa Claus comes from. It’s way, way, way, up North, to what Canadians call the “Due Line”.

B. It’s humoured The Great White North is a place up north where there’s a “pot of gold” , approximately 10 degrees of True North. Unfortunately, this has never been verified. Apparently each Canadian explorer who has tried to find the Great White North has never returned. It has also been humoured the abominable snowman lives up in The Great White North and, that’s pretty much why explores never come back.

C. The Great White North is a secret military base by the Canadian government used for the “Alien” outreach program. Basically like Area 51. Alien visitors from other planets are processed here before mingling with humans. They even made a movie out of this place, ” Men in Black”.

D. The Great White North is actually not a place at all. It’s after what appears to be a Canadian Cookbook, the bible to Canadian cooking. It’s full name is “Canadian Recipes of the Great White North” . But, it’s been rumoured this book is actually a secret code book for CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). Every time you notice someone carrying around “Canadian Recipes of the Great White North”, Canadians know it’s a quick give away for CSIS members. They also carry this big ass badge. Prime Minister Harper has his very own copy of Canadian Recipes of the Great White North.

E. ” The Great White North”, a SCTV feature show by famous Canadians,Bob and Doug McKenzie.

F. Great White North is referred to everything past the 49th parallel in Canada. It’s said to be slang for Canada. Some just say, it’s just a name given to Canada for having all those cold winters, reaching up to minus 50 Celsius. Now that’s cold! 


Question Nine: What the heck is a Hoser?

A. A Hoser is a Canadian redneck dressed in mix matched hunting clothing. It’s quick to point them out by the famous line, ” Hey Hoser, how’s it going? Pretty nice weather, Eh?” They even had a cult club called,” The Great White North” by who else? Yup, you guessed it, Bob and Doug McKenzie.

B. Hoser is a nylon sock that women used as a form of fashion. It’s been said, when women were finished wearing their hoser all day, they would cook it in hot water, making a special soup called,” Hoser Soup”. Well, at least that’s what my mom told me, when I asked what she was doing.

C. Hoser is a rubber ring fitting used on Canadian Mason Jars. Another use for this rubber ring? Well, we won’t go there. 

Question Ten Whats a Kangaroo Jacket ?

A. Kangaroo Jacket was a gift by Australians to Canadians. Canadian use “raw-hide” from cows, while Australians use “kangaroo-hide” from Kangaroos. In the 1970’s Prime Minister Trudeau wore his famous leather buckskin jacket with leather fringes made by native, Many Finger. Apparently he bought it for $500. When the Prime Minster of Australia saw this, he was impressed. It was about a month later, when Prime Minister Trudeau’s office received a gift in the mail from the Australian Prime Minister. To Trudeau’s surprise, it was a hand-crafted, Kangaroo Jacket. Inside the package was a greeting card that read,” It’s my dear pleasure, on behalf of the Australian government and its citizens, I present to you this lovely Kangaroo Jacket. I hope you enjoy it Buckskin, my friend. ” Sincerely, Prime Minister William McMahon. Buckskin was Trudeau’s nickname.

B. Kangaroo Jacket gots it’s slang term after a buckaroo, a wealthy Australian rancher, Big John, visited Alberta to purchase a special breed of cattle called,” Alberta Longhorn”. During his visit, Calgarian rancher, Cowboy Tom, noticed he was wearing this hoodie jacket, so he asked him what kind of jacket was that. “Oh…,” he said,” it’s a Kangaroo Jacket.” Since then, any hoody in Canada is called a Kangaroo Jacket.

Ten Questions.  Did you guessed them right? 

 Do you consider yourself Canadian savvy ?

By Bari Demers –  Canadian of course


My Collection of Screenplays

A Little about me : Screenwriterbari

I’m a Canadian freelance writer with a diverse background of college education with diplomas within the Arts & Architectural Drafting. Writing & filming has always been my passion,” I envision a story and bring it to life.”

My name is Bari Demers, presently living in Alberta working on intriguing stories, sure to captivate my audience.

Join me on LinkedIn to interact on a professional level.

I formed James Montana Scripts to present my scifi horror genre, BLACK ANGELS. Since then, it’s a growing collection of screenplays and scifi stories to hang out and get noticed.

The screenwriting program I’m partial to is Celtx. It provides me with an interactive diverse selection of formats, commonly used in the filming industry.

Here’s a selection of screenplays I’m working on now :

AGENT SKY – CIA agent. She’s frustrated with bureaucracy after a lope-hole lets an international criminal walk free, allowing him to illegally trade weapons with terrorists. Her darker side takes over.

MISSING UP NORTH – Young Hunter goes missing deep within British Columbia’s rugged wilderness, only to be hunted by an 800 lb Grizzly.

My screenplay “Missing Up North – Bloody Survival” is based on a true story around the mis-adventures of 20 year old hunter named Rivers, who went missing in the wild mountainous Chilcotin region by Williams Lake, B.C. for over 20 hours, only to be hunted down by a savage Grizzly.

BLACK ANGELS – War Hero Commander Cardin is forced to re-colonize on planet,BLUE EARTH, before their species is destroyed, accompanied by even an darker threat, BLACK ANGELS.

A fine blended genre of science-fiction and horror, sure to shake your boots off.

It’s based on the Alien theory where,over 100,000 years ago, an intelligent race came to Earth, changing mankind, but something went terribly wrong. This is their story.

GAIA – Dr. Zen Callaway, roboticist employed by TEMPRO, family-base colony on Mars. His wife, Christine mysteriously goes missing. Jeremy, Zoe and mischievous robotics feline, Osiris, go looking for their mom.

It’s a family orientated story, Dr. Zen Callaway is a top roboticist working for his employer, Trillionaire CEO, Mr. Wiseman of TEMPRO Industries (Terraforming Engineering & Mining Resources Operations).  He convinces his wife Christine and his two children to embark on a new adventure, living on Mars, a new family-based colony. After his wife Christine goes missing in a mining mishap, his two kids Jeremy and Zoe are determined to find their mom by the help of a mischievous robotics feline named Osiris. The adventure turns up more than they expected leading them to the darker side of Mr. Wiseman.

THE JOURNEY – A physiological thriller. Teenager, Dylon is forced to protect his psychotic alcoholic mother, Sam, after authorities try to remove him from his home. (Screenplay is in its preliminary stages at this time)

MEET MY FRIEND – an emotional story of a young teenage girl who finds out her long time friend isn’t a friend after all. Deceit and Betrayal leads to revenge. (Screenplay also in its preliminary stages)

Even though screenplay, BLACK ANGELS requires CGI visual effects at a higher budget, it’s a perfect fit for the movie screen and may entice major production companies. It has the potential to becoming a blockbuster trilogy.

Whereas, my other screenplays are formatted for indie films, with a smaller accessible budget.

I hope you enjoy my screenplays and find them intriguing.

Come join me on Twitter if you love science-fiction,horror, anything NASA and my past time Vegas.
Enjoy Pinterest ? I’m over there too…

By Bari Demers


Canada Strong and Free

Photo Credit : Adam Pass

My personal blog is Vegas Reviews and it signifies my passion for Las Vegas. It expresses the fun and freedom my wife and I have in Vegas since our very first stay, way back in the 1980’s. Thirty-four years later we are still going strong. You might say we are “Vegas Lovers“.

But today I would like to make a statement in regards to what has been happening in Canada this past week.

First and foremost I’m very proud to be a Canadian.

To all Canadians this week has truly been a sad one, with radicals tearing at the very fabric of who we represent – democracy and freedom.

Our hearts pour out for the tragic loss of fellow Canadians, Corporal Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. We will still strive to live strong and free in spite of these cowardly acts by terrorist individuals.

I would like to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his determination in eliminating these threats on Canadian soil and for Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, who is a hero for shooting the assailant. I trust in our Prime Minister’s judgement and I agree,”Canada will never be intimidated.”

My praise goes out to all world leaders for standing behind us, offering their support to Canada, such as :

President Obama,” We are going to do everything we can to make sure we are standing side-by-side with Canada during this difficult time,”

British Prime Minister David Cameron, “I’m appalled by today’s attack in Ottawa,”

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said,” Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Canadian comrades in defiance and resolution. We stand for freedom and for the right of all people in all places to choose their way of life and their way of worship. We always have, and we always will.”

Throughout the world more support came in, from Queen Elizabeth II , Gen. Chuck Jacoby, commander of NORAD, New Zealand Prime Minister John, along with Israel and The Chinese Embassy. And last, but not least, the grand thoughtful gesture by Pittsburgh Penguins and fans, who took a moment to sing our Canadian anthem.

Canadians love their hockey and with Pittsburgh Penguins and fans to take this extra time to express their support, touches the hearts of all Canadians.

I cherish all my American friends and will never take it lightly.

United States of America is a wonderful country and each time I visit, talking to the people, I find to be warm and accommodating. They, like us Canadians, are proud of their country striving for the same moral convictions, fighting for freedom and the democracy of who we all stand for.

Just recently, one of my friends I met on Facebook, Adam Pass from Montgomery, New York, hit it “right on the mark” when he released his latest photograph, which you see posted.

To me his photo of the “Black Maple Leaf” signifies Canada has been tarnished but stands together in strong unity, fondly hinting of the famous characters of Superman or Batman.

As a freelance screenwriter, my wild imagination of fictional stories are pressed into my thoughts and I must write them down. This past week is also seared into my brain, knowing all to well the cost of our freedom.

Our misfortunes doesn’t even come close to what our friends in America have been through. So, when something like this happens, they are well aware of the costs and are there ready to help.

Canada knows the commonwealth of world leaders are also ready at a moments notice. You see, it’s not just about Canada. It’s the fabric of our freedom across many Nations!

And let’s not forget, “least we forget”, all the men and women in the Armed Forces who have fought to keep our freedom.

Here, in Canada,” …With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…”

Canada is and always will be STRONG & FREE.

By Bari Demers