Express email to God

What if atheists are right ?

Dear God,

I find it unimaginable to realize you don’t exist.

I pray I’m wrong and your silence is my ignorance and YOU will soon answer. The god awful feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me you’ll never answer our cries for help, letting the atheists win the overall social debate.

It’s understandable we could be a by-product consisting over millions of years of evolution. We’re even considered a small tick on the clock of time, but my inner soul tells me there’s more to us than a biological entity.

Scientists, like Charles Darwin, use science and logic to make their claim, reasoning our existence is only a small part of a much bigger picture on an evolutionary scale.

It’s so unfortunate religion has plague mankind from the beginning of time, exercising it’s power, starting wars and collecting riches through your name. Each man-made religion demands they’re the RIGHT religion and the rest are wrong.


If you don’t exist, everything we do is for NOT.

Our meaning of life is nothing more than a figment of our imagination mixed with the reality of death, suffering and despair.

Love is only a way we know to bond in order for our species to propagate, over-populating our poor earth with the countless masses. We ARE nothing more than a bad virus spreading our seed, causing damage along the way.

But God, please tell me I’m wrong.

Tell me when I see the creation of a little being in the palm of my hands, there’s more to life than we know or could ever comprehend. There are times when I feel your existence. But then, there are those times I don’t understand why you won’t intervene into the suffering of our children.

I plead for your thundering out-cry, saying,” That is enough! No more bloodshed! No more hate! No more greed! No more evil! No more! I tell you all – I AM YOUR LOVING GOD and I’m here to protect you.”

If only I could hear those words from your sweet lips. If only I could love you, hold you, hug you, knowingly YOU ARE REAL and NOT an imaginary existence made up from the electrons of my evolutionary brain.

More and more souls are giving up, feeling our life has no meaning.

It’s called suicide and considered a sin, but it’s more of a sin not helping out their silent cries. Our doctors are becoming complacent, overwhelmed by the masses. They’re indifferent using medical terms and drugs to calm the suffering souls. But I say to you, they’re not aware of the inner feelings of sickness or battling desperation they ensue each and every day of every hour of every minute of every second.

Oh My God, is this your will?

I’m tired of hearing of the needless deaths from suicide or the horrific killing rampage upon our children by the hands of an insane lunatic.

I’m just tired of it all. My tears of sorrow fill the oceans of our earth many times over.

Please God.

Please speak and clearly make your presence known.

What ever happened to that feeling of falling madly and deeply in love?

Where did it go?

Where’s that feeling of bonding closely, enriching our souls to believe we have a purpose?

Why is everything tasteless ?

Why God? Why?

Everyday I hear of a needless death, I whisper those words dear to my heart,” Please God, save their souls.”

It’s more satisfying to know, you’re there to look after them, give them a purpose, showing your care and endless love.

Please God. Reassure them, THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

I believe you can hear my words even before the day I was ever born. My words are your words. My life is your life. I’m in the palm of your hands.

It’s up to you God. It’s up to you.

Make this earth a better place for all of us.

By Bari Demers


There’s such a negative stigma to those suffering mental illness, that most will not speak out. When they do get the courage, society scoff them as being weak or selfish, when they do act out in desperation.

Once again, on the news two more souls this past week (in my city) loss their life due to their act of desperation. So young are the life’s, it’s makes me cringe with sadness.

I just had to write about it, asking God to make his physical presence visible as I see, hear and touch you today.

The evil and negativism in our world must stop.

Too many teenagers are effected by depression. Countless children are dying by the hands of dictating government greed or deranged individuals.

And, if society can change their views on mental illness, our world would be a better place.

Read any medical journal, and it will explain mental illness is a disease, much like one crippled with alcoholism or drugs. The only difference, mental illness is hard to see. It’s not a visible broken bone, so most doctors don’t know how to treat it. Or worse yet, they won’t !

It’s time society as a whole begins to recognize the problem, making it illegal for those inconsiderate people (who use bullying tactics) lashing out at those who are suffering dearly.

Life is too short.

Life should be a happy place, freely feeling alive, fulfilling your dreams.

Trust me when I say, “Everyone, at one time or another has had depression of some kind, but were afraid to say so.”

Either that or you’re a good lier…

The picture below is a graphic painting I did expressing the depression within our souls.