The Rant of Demons 

The Underlying Truth by Bari Demers
The Rant of Demons are all around us, fear they may be pointed out in public. 

Recently I received a couple of deranged comments about my story on Twitter. Here on WordPress, you can’t get away with such comments, as your words wouldn’t see the light of day. Instead, like the people they are, they stoop to low insults on their twitter feed. Because I was brought up to always be respectful, I will restrain the urge to make a sarcastic retort, but I will say this : 

First of all, it’s my opinion of the case.   

Secondly, my style of writing is sometimes referred to the art of Picasso because of its dark content. Those with dark thoughts will surely come out of the depths of hell, lashing out like the demons they really are. 

If I were religious I would say, “Out of the Depths I Cried to You, O LORD.” 

With that said, even though I consider myself spiritual, my thoughts are far far away from the grasping hands of man-made stories from the Bible. 

Thirdly, the people offended are those who believe Amanda is guilty. 

Interesting they’re from the UK. Instead of giving their intelligent view of the case they resort to petty demeaning remarks. It quickly shows the character of the person or persons, lacking education and most likely are a bully in the real world. 

Freedom of discussion isn’t even in their vocabulary.

If they seriously looked into the case without their clouded judgement, they’ll soon realize Amanda and Raffaele are indeed, not guilty! 

Guess I should be proud. 

For any of my stories to stir criticism simply because I have a different opinion, means my words are attacking the very soul you’re made of.  

It means my point hits you to the core! 

But frankly, I could do without the bullying tactics by unintelligent Homo sapiens, ranting their incoherent blasphemy. Ironically, Homo sapiens in Latin refers to “wise man”. Let’s be wise about our remarks, instead of being fuelled by senseless rage. 

It just makes one look like a baboon. 

BTW – Those ranting ? They’re the same trying to sell a book (I use this term loosely) about Meredith Kercher. It’s a fact these individuals are callous enough to expect profit over the demise of poor Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher. Exploitation at its best! 

Evil awaits its unsuspecting victims. 

If you haven’t read my story, read it here : An Evil Awaits its Unsuspecting Victims

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer   

PS My deepest condolences to Meredith’s family. No one deserves such tearful agony from the hands of a monster. I too have lost a child and it will always torment my heart and soul.  

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher

An evil awaits its unsuspecting victims

Fiery South Atlantic Sunset by NASA
An evil patiently awaits its unsuspecting victims, as my heart cries for the innocent “il mio cuore piange per gli innocenti”

The story I’m writing you today begins in Bari, Italy. This second-largest town lies along the Adriatic Sea in southern Italy’s Puglia region. It’s an ancient city featuring layers upon layers of historical artifacts, including an impressive 11th-century Romanesque cathedral. Recent archaeological excavations have discovered lost Roman ruins as far back as the 2nd century. On top of its historic monuments, its known for the final burial place for St Nicholas (otherwise known as Santa Claus). Bari is more then just a trading harbour, it’s a treasure of Roman history, just waiting for its past to be revealed. 

Bari is also referred to as my name. 

The day I was born, my mom felt it important, my name resembled her memories from this busy port side city, Bari (Latin: Barium). She told me once I was a descent to Maio of Bari (Italian: Maione da Bari) who apparently was a great admiral of Sicily, way back in the 1100 century, and lived in Bari, Italy. I never could find out if this was the actual truth, or my mom exaggerating about her Italian heritage. All I really knew, my name Bari, was only part of my name, according to Roman tradition. My rightful name is Michael da Bari, under the wing of Archangel Michael, another badass warrior, working for GOD himself. In the book of Revelation, Michael takes on Satan during the war in Heaven. As like any good action story, Michael defeats Satan and sends him and his fallen angels to Earth.  

“Pride had cast him down…O to the sacred Earth! A Black Evil has spread across the lands…” BMD 

Black Angels by Bari Demers
And this is where my story takes on a darker side.

“Left with his own Free Will…Power and Pride grew to Darkness.” BMD 

You see, throughout mankind’s history, the innocent have and are still being accused of wrong doing. Be it for the taste of greed, a narrow-minded view, the lust for fame or just plain evil intentions. Whatever may be the case, their willful act leads to the conviction of the innocent. Even if evidence points to the truth, authorities of power will easily convict an innocent soul, simply because they don’t want to admit their mistakes. Suddenly, a narrow-minded mistake grows into a web of lies and cover-ups. 

God forbid they admit their mistake! 

It may start out as a determined detective or prosecutor trying to solve an heinous crime. In the beginning…they have good intentions, trying to find clues to solve a murder. But somewhere along the way, either their lust for fame or a promotion, leads them down a darker path of wrongful convictions. It’s these cold-hearted individuals who grip onto the power of control, blinding themselves from the rightful truth, seeking justice as they willingly destroy innocent souls. They will even use unmentionable tactics, like convincing the individual they have aids, when in fact, it’s a complete lie. 

It’s a web of deceit.

Unfortunately, innocent individuals become prey, like a leopard hunting for an unsuspecting gazelle. They seem to zero-in onto their target, without looking at the facts. As for the young gazelle, they aren’t aware how far a person will go to satisfy their ego, thinking all this time, they’re being led down a path of beneficial advice. Without being alerted of their evil ways, a power of authority will manipulate the innocent into a false statement, in order to solve a dreadful case of horror. It’s a case of injustice, not only for the innocent, but a complete disrespect for the victim or victims.  

Yes – the poor victim. Lest we forget.

The victim was a warm blooded human being ; a living soul whose life was cut short due to the monstrous act of someone else. It’s important to honour the victim and their family, by catching this grotesque perpetrator, convicting them of their crimes. It also brings closure. It’s a terrible world we live in where the criminal only gets a few years in jail, while the families get a life long sentence of pain and misery. It’s an unfair form of injustice. If I were ruler of this world, it would simply be “eye for an eye”. So, it’s vital you have the right person or persons, responsible for the act of violence. It means you must look into all possible evidence and surrounding connections. But it also means, if the facts do not connect-the-dots, it’s time to concentrate onto the bloody trail of evidence, not on assumptions. Not relying on the possibility of getting a promotion. No! Not your selfish pursuit of greed. 

The Underlying Truth by Bari Demers
So who are the innocent? 

The innocent are those young adults and children, who still believe the word of authority, no matter how bizarre they may be. The word of authority can be your own parents, the local police or someone you look up to, thinking their word is protecting you from harm. But, in reality, they’re motive is to destroy you, no matter what the cost. These monsters are the most evil of them all, because they hide behind sheep’s clothing, ready to pounce on you, as the blood-thirsty wolves they’ve become. 

So what has this to do with Bari ? 

In the slumbering town of Bari lives an innocent. An innocent whose life was tormented by years of false convictions, fearful of how it came to be, in the beginning. In the beginning, where young love was the only thing on his mind. His love for an American girl. An American girl who was as innocent as he was. They had their young lives ahead of them when the unthinkable horror happened, intertwining them together. A horror of another innocent soul, who was savagely murdered by the lust of one monster. Yes, one monster did this cruel act. And the authorities did find their perpetrator, but for some strange reason, they decided to convict all three.  

Their reason? 

The two love birds weren’t acting like their typical stereotype victims. Suddenly the prosecutor became an experienced psychiatrist, who knows everything there is about a person’s mental state. The human brain is indeed an incredible mind-blowing social computer, where even the most trained psychiatrist is baffled of its intriguing secrets. 

Remember my mom ? 

 My mom whom I loved so much, died when I was only thirteen. And what did my sister and I do during the long Catholic funeral? We laughed. An uncontrollable laugh that made others question our thoughts. We weren’t laughing because we were happy. No. We were laughing because it was the only emotional response at that time. We had never been to a funeral before this and it was overwhelming, to say the least. If you’ve ever been to a Catholic funeral, it’s a precession of days of mourning. Hundreds of our Italian relatives show up, grieving in their own ways. And if you watched them closely, you know the fakers from the deeply affected. Italians are a community of families proud of their colourful culture and long history from the early Roman days. During a funeral, it’s common for Italian’s to slip money into the palms of your hand (be it in an envelope or worn out currency of their choice) in their way to express thoughtfulness.  

To any thirteen year old, you can easily find the humour.  

But to a supposedly trained detective or prosecutor, this may mean you don’t care. Your response is abnormal as you become scrutinized under a microscope.  

It’s a terrible thought. 

And so, there’s lies the evil, awaiting its unsuspecting victims. Its as if a pack of wolves are patiently wait for the kill, smacking their lips for their blood thirsty desires. It’s unconscionable to think they put aside the truth for their 15 minutes of fame. The families of Italy cry for a conviction fed from half-truths conceived from sin.  After the real truth reveals itself in plain sight, my heart cries for the innocent.

“il mio cuore piange per gli innocenti”

To end my story, I was relieved to hear the innocents were finally freed from their darkest nightmare. As for the poor girl, Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher, who was tragically murdered in Perugia, Italy on November 1st 2007, my heart still bleeds with sadness, as the perpetrator is soon to be released, after such an heinous murder.

It sickens me deeply. 

The families will never heal from the monstrous actions of one individual. I can’t even relate to this person as a human being, because in my mind, human beings are suppose to be the loving creatures, GOD intended us to be. In GOD’s eye, no one ought to accuse himself except in the presence of God.

 “accusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo” 

In my story, Archangel Michael will make his presence known on earth, leading his army of Angels, destroying evil once and for all.  

I know, it’s only a story

But in my heart, I trust in the judgment of GOD even though I don’t believe in any manmade religion on this earth. Maybe it’s my colourful heritage I rely on, where my name is Michael da Bari.  

As for the innocent ?

Take care of your own self, God willing “cura te ipsum deo volente”

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer 

PS  So you see, there’s more to Bari then meets the eye. 

Amanda Knox 

Raffaele Sollecito

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher 

UPDATE :  Received a couple of deranged comments about my story on TWITTER. It’s my opinion of the case.   My style of writing is sometimes referred to the art of  Picasso because of its dark content.  The people offended are those who believe Amanda is guilty. Interesting they’re from the UK.  Instead of giving their intelligent view of the case they resort to petty demeaning remarks.  It quickly shows the character of the person, lacking education and most likely are a bully in the real world.  If they seriously look at the case without their clouded judgement, they’ll soon realize Amanda and Raffaele are indeed, not guilty! 

Listen.  I do feel sorry for Meredith and know how it feels to loose a child.  Meredith’s horrendous death is extremely sad and the person responsible was convicted.  That man is such a monster and should never be let out of prison.   

Last.   Those people whose opinion are different then mine love to slander me, because that’s their level of mentality.   I will never intertwine with this kind of response or go to their level of deameaning remarks. 

My heart goes out to Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher , and if there’s a GOD I trust he will convict the monster in hell. 

 BTW writing for 50 yrs.