Our Reality is but a Dream

Our Dreams by Bari Demers
[The original photo was taken in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia,Canada. It’s been tweaked by Prisma but the true photo represents an art piece similarly to Vincent Van Gogh. By Bari Demers]


A Dream is nothing more then an illusion of our reality. Our reality is only related to the physical world, where the world plays an illusion of our dreams, we continuous strive for…but never to obtain. 

As we play with our consciousness, we realize our physical being is nothing like the unreachable replica of our dreams.

In our world of reality, our brain directs our senses, picking up the world for what it really is. It’s a cold calculated, unforgivable entity reminding YOU, you’re not the master of this physical world. Any mistake we encounter may lead our physical bodies to feel pain and sorrow. Curiously though, our brain (we so depend on)never feels pain. It’s an illusion playing with our reality. Our brain always plays tricks on us to believe we are conscious, therefore everything we see, must be real. The senses controlled by the brain, makes sure of that.

Until we fall back into a dream

In a dream, our brain frees us from the reality of the physical world we live in. Suddenly we can do anything our mind dreams we can do. We can fly, feeling the cold wind across our face or have the ability to jump precariously off high buildings, landing harmlessly below. Our dreams can race us across the universe, exploring an unknown planet. A deadly planet filled with harmful gases or incredible G-forces, that would surely crush us, if we were in the physical world.  

But, here we are, unharmed.

In a dream, our personal self finds that prefect lover, waiting for us, ready to fulfill our dreams. While in the physical world, we are desperate to seek for our true soul mate, knowingly it’s only a dream. Alas, in the real world we are willing to settle for someone close to our dreams, because we already know our image of perfection is only perceived in our dreams. 

Our brain rules our consciousness, telling us there’s a higher purpose or a higher entity. We concede to our consciousness and give it a name. We call it GOD. This controlling brain of ours even goes one step further, explaining to our consciousness, if we can’t explain what we see, then it must be the act of GOD. You would think our brain is finished controlling our thoughts. But no, it continues to push us forward, pushing us towards an inconceivable thirst of knowledge, seeking out an unattainable truth. Seeking out the truth of who we are, what we are and where we are. If we can’t find an definitive answer, we look even deeper then before, until we realize our answers are filled with yet more unanswered questions. 

Our brain never gives up until the day we die. 

Lucky for us, even our brain needs to rest. In this time of rest, our brain collects and organizes data as if we were defragmenting our own computer. As we sleep, it’s believed this processing time is acted out in our dreams, in a mix match of bizarre images. It’s mind blowing effects would impress any Hollywood director.  

Curious though, our dreams are as real as if we were awake. 

I say to you, our Reality is but a Dream. We explore the possibility, our real physical world is nothing more then a test, preparing us for a more deeper meaning, releasing us from life, altogether. As the Egyptians Gods, we continue on a journey surpassing anything we have ever encountered before.  

Once your mind realizes, our reality is nothing more then an illusionary dream you’ll become disillusioned, wonder why we even play this game at all. A world of complete madness, fed by human games where the stakes are high. Our misguided society worshipping celebrities and leaders like gods, offering our souls to their commands. 

We are such a silly human being.

In this world, we must constantly free ourselves from this insanity. And we do, by expressing our souls to the inner spiritual self, through music and our artistic abilities. As an actor gives everything to create that character, so do musicians, pouring out their heart and soul. As for me, I’m an artist with words. My words could easily be refer to as Vincent van Gogh’s Art, an impressionist with a hidden message.

Reality controls the limitations of physical bodies, whereas our dreams free our souls along a wondrous journey. Free your soul from the darkness and follow me on a journey of dreams, where our future is exposed. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 


Interest: scifi, art, science, filming, Okanagan, hiking, foodie, local restaurants & resorts and a Vegas Lover

Black Angels Project – the Art

Black Angels Project – the Art

BLACK ANGELS screenplay by Bari Demers

BLACK ANGELS is my screenplay project I’ve been working on for a good 7 years now. 

Above is my latest poster art piece called “Ancient Wormhole” .  Please vote by joining me on @instagram bari_scriptwriter. It helps me decide on the best art pieces for my BLACK ANGELS PROJECT.   Like here or on Instagram– I truly appreciate your help – thank you 😊.



The Desert Sun by photography Adam Pass

Photo by photographer Adam Pass from Deathvalley.  

I thought of the above quote while writing BLACK ANGELS screenplay.  

The Morning Sun hides behind the evening Stars…Satan’s shadow rises through the Desert Storm.”

My quote leaves a clue to the storyline of BLACK ANGELS.  The next quote provides a more sinister clue. 

“Pride had cast him down..O to Sacred Earth…a Black Evil has spread across the Lands…O to the horrors of Earth.”

It’s a science-fiction horror genre based on the arrival of our Ancestors and how it changed mankind forever.   

Logline:  Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.​

The whole purpose of producing my artistic posters is to capture movie producers and directors interest.  Eventually it will be hard to avoid my marketing quest of BLACK ANGELS screenplay. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter 

We Have Arrived – MARS

We have Arrived - MARS by Bari Demers
I’m so happy how my fictional movie poster turned out, “We have Arrived – MARS” has two stories, one related to Going to Mars or Bust and the proposed trilogy BLACK ANGELS.  In reality,  NASA scientists are now in the race with the rest of world, fixed on the possibility of colonizing Mars by 2050.  

We all are looking forward to the same goal – MARS

In the science-fiction world my dreams of what Mars use to be like and who visited it before us, are indeed a part of my vivid imagination.   Meanwhile, artistic ability wants to visualize when we finally arrive on Mars.   What kind of space vehicle will take us there ? Therefore,  it only makes sense I produced the artistic scifi poster.  

I hope you enjoy my poster and pass it along.  Let me know if you like in the comments below, it will help me decide if my art is on the right track.  To be clear, I am NOT a professional artist and any creation I do is only self-taught. 

Thank you,

Bari Demers – screenwriter 



The BLACK VOID by Bari Demers


YEAR 2075

In February 2017, NASA astrophysicist discovered not one, but seven earth-size planets, all with the possibility of life. Astronomers used the term TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope in Chile. At the time only three exoplanets were confirmed until the European Southern Observatory’s Telescope Spitzer noticed five additional planets, all orbiting the red dwarf star. 

Then, in 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched, and soon afterwards releasing back valuable data, detecting water, oxygen or other chemical components of each planet. Of course, the distance was said to be 40 light years away, which was pretty close compared to previous findings. 

However, eight years later, the sensitive instruments on the James Webb Space Telescope noticed a strange phenomenon. In the beginning astronomers and astrophysicist thought of it only as another puzzle to the “Dark Matter Theory.” To their surprise the location was calculated at only three light years away from earth. It was indeed the milestone, in that the discovery was so close. After a year of studying it’s peculiar formation, on March 10, 2025, astrophysicist noticed an actual wave pattern. Scientists couldn’t believe the data they were receiving.  

It just didn’t make any sense! 

Accordingly, the correspondence with data and a graphic 3D layout with detailed analysis, confirmed the 1 AU (astronomical unit/ 150,000 km) squared area of Space was indeed a cloaked region made by possibly an intelligent source. 

Soon – 

The world was buzzing with all kinds of theories, from Aliens-are-watching to the hand-of-god phenomenon.  Whatever it was, it’s like something out of the Star Trek series or Twilight Zone ( two popular TV series back in the late 1960’s). 

It didn’t seem real. 

After much discussion by the science community and five years of intense study, it was clear we needed to send a satellite for further analysis. Finally, on May 30th, 2030, NASA launched a high-tech satellite called CANUSA 1 (named after the joint operation of the two countries Canada and United States). CANUSA 1 traveled at an nominal speed of 140,012 km per hr (87,000 miles per hr), expected to reach the strange anomie in just 2.6 years ! 

Two and half years passed by quickly. The excitement grew as the whole world watched on Live-Feed ; CANUSA 1 arrived closer to its destination.  

There it was, in plain sight! 

Everyone could see for themselves, the unmistakable waves through space itself. It was clear, the wave pattern was caused by an artificial cloaking device, meaning evidence of an intelligent life. CANUSA 1 scanned the outlined area, hoping to read some kind of life form. After a week of continuously searching the surface, there wasn’t any form of reaction. Scientists decided it was time to instruct the satellite to enter the void of the cloaked waves. 

CANUSA 1 headed forward, piercing the Black Void of Space. Within minutes the satellite disappeared as visual and electronic communications fail…

END OF ACT ONE : Join me as we explore what happened to CANUSA 1. Is it destroyed ? What’s behind the artificial cloaking waves ? What’s it hiding from ? Is it a threat to mankind? Join me soon and follow here, as I continue my story in ACT TWO – Revealing the Truth. 

By Bari Demers – screenwriter for James Montana Scripts 


The Cosmos vs The Heavens

The Cosmic Universes by Bari Demers
Every scientist and astronomy student on earth knows the mini TV Series, the 2014 Cosmos – Spacetime Odyssey hosted by narrator astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, inspired by Carl Saga’s first documentary episode in Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a thirteen-part television series written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steven Soter in 1980. With a brigade of producers, one producer stood out amongst the others. His name is one you wouldn’t expect to find, but there he was, the illusive Seth MacFarlane, creator of (Yes you guessed it! ) “Family Guy”. The team of writers and the cash full of producers encouraged the National Geographic and History Channel, to run a modern mini series of the Cosmos, in a way to honour Carl Sagan. 

In the early years the King of the Cosmos was no other then astrophysicist and astronomer, Carl Sagan. His keen interest in the universe and his ability to share the Cosmos in a way the average Joe could understand, was indeed awe inspiring to the world. Back then, Neil Tyson was a young teenager from the Bronx of New York City, (dreaming of becoming a scientist) had the opportunity to meet Carl Sagan himself. In fact, Carl invited him the Ithaca at Cornell University, after seeing his application of admittance there. As Spock would say,”Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end”, therefore it only makes logical sense for Neil to be the narrative of the new mini series the Cosmos – Spacetime Odyssey.  

Carl Sagan inspired many others, including myself, who just bought his brand new published book, Cosmos published in 1980. Turning the pages, it wasn’t long before I realized how small we really are on a cosmic level. Indeed, I was awe struck by the magnitude of Carl Sagan’s words leaping off the pages.  

The universe finally made sense to me. 

Little did I know at the time how significant this book was, until one fateful day. As a young father in my twenties, my world came crashing down around me, when my first born child, Jenni Michelle Demers died of a painful rare disease only known as Kawasaki. The doctor’s of this time had very little knowledge of the effects or if there was even a cure. 

BUT – they told my wife (Patricia) and I, we had nothing to fear, as the death rate was only 10 percent.

That evening (to everyone’s shock) poor little Jenni died on November 5, 1980. The soar of uncontrollable grief held us in an zombie trance of unforgivable torture. All I could possibly think of then,”What kind of GOD would allow a baby to die ?!” 

After putting Jenni to rest, we were ushered out to our family farm on the lonely prairies of southern Saskatchewan. It was a frightening cold winter, with the digits reaching well below -55 C, as the prairie winds formed eight foot snow drifts. The countless visitors to our small farmhouse (paying their respects to Jenni’s short life) started to smother me to death. I needed to escape this crushing feeling of despair. Overcome by my lingering darkness of grief, my anger got the best of me. I quickly ran out into the midnight freezing cold, with nothing more then the shirt on my back. 

Exerting my rage, I yelled at the top of my lungs,” God damn you! God damn you to hell!” Shaking my fist to the brilliant night sky. It was then I noticed the vastness of our universe and how beautiful the Milky Way stood out amongst the icy prairie night, as the countless stars twinkled. Suddenly I could see one star burning brighter then the others.  

“Could it be?!” I thought. 

Was God pointing me in the direction where Jenni laid ? Or was my imagination just getting the best of me? Who really knows what the truth is ? 

To me, it was clear. 

Jenni stirred her lasting soul through that one burning star, to assure me she was safe and sound. I could see the star was at least millions or possibly billions of kilometres away. Could it be, Jenni’s soul was lying in a new undiscovered dimension of the universe, only to be revealed to me? I signed with relief. 

Within that cosmic minute I was finally at peace with myself. 

I remember saying,”Thank you God”. And then paused, shivering like a leaf, realizing only then, my body was freezing to death. I smiled and yelled,” Thank too Carl!” For if it wasn’t for me to expand my knowledge with the gift of Carl Sagan’s book, I would have never thought of the universe in the same way.  

To this very day, when I think of Jenni, I think of the burning star in vastness of our incredible universe.  


Throughout my life I followed the stars. The Universe, the Cosmos and the Spacetime Odyssey of mankind. The birth of a new star awaits to be built within our image of the universe, as our souls are renewed, forming into another cosmic dust of life. With my new lease on the vision-of-life, I see our universe in a completely different perspective. Our physical bodies may be tied to the gravity of time and space, but our souls are free to go explore the cosmos. The Cosmos of Unity vs The Realm of the Heavens. 

Exactly where do the two meet ? 

Below is a progressive layout starting with Earth as home-base. If you watched CONTACT (film based on science fiction novel by Carl Sagan, Contact 1985) the beginning shows how insignificant we humans really are. From 1-6 (including 8) is the norm, while I continued on with my own perception of 7, 9, 10 and 11.  

The Cosmic Model works like this: 

    1. Earth 
    2. Solar System
    3. Milky Way Galaxy
    4. Local Group of Galaxies 
    5. Virgo Supercluster
    6. Observable Dimensional Universe 1
    7. Ring of the 8 Universes known as the Segment of Orange 
    8. The Ocean of Universes bubbles referred to as the Multi-Universe 
    9. The Realm of Darkness
    10. Our Spiritual Entity 
    11. The Cosmic Governor 


    Number 7 : Our Universe is only one of many. It’s my perception, after the Observable Dimensional Universe, we already suspect other universes are tied together by known BlackHoles. BlackHoles are the gateway to newer forming universes, robbing our universe of stars, Planets, Galaxies and Quasars. It’s my personal belief the presumed Big Bang Theory is always in motion, on the other side of BlackHoles, where a new universe is beginning to grow. Looking at a model, the best subject would be an Orange with its inside segment, each representing a universe. Moving onto number eight (reducing in size) each bubble represents each Orange model, reaching out into infinity.

    Number 9 : It’s already proven our solar system of Planets and Universe lay in what scientists call “Dark Matter”. This dark energy consists of baryonic matter and neutrinos without emitting any spectrum of light, including electromagnetic. We know it exists due to the gravitational effects on our Dimensional Universe and Planets. It’s my belief, there’s a VOID if you will, that contains the birth of dark energy, waiting for its day in the cosmic equation, ripped by Time and Space. 

    Number 10 : I like to imagine the Spirituality Entity as a place where our souls (light energy) travel after we die. It’s a Cosmic Gateway reported by those who have experienced near-death, transforming images of “The Light”. It could also be described as the meeting place of souls ready to be transformed back into the soup of LIFE. In fact, even though our physical body ends up as dust on earth, our energized soul never really dies, it transforms back into the never ending cosmic equation of life. 

    Number 11 : Scientist already know our universe is NOT a chaotic mix match, but a mathematical form of the cosmic evolution. In other words there’s still a controlling entity. We like to call it GOD, but I don’t believe it’s a physical god but an overall control station of life, if you will. A governor where the laws of mathematics and nature are the prefect mix, producing life itself. 


    The Cosmos vs The Heavens

    In today’s chaotic society, our lives and growth are plagued by manmade religion, placing a control over the masses. We are not much different from the time of Nicolaus Copernicus (where his vision of the Sun dominated at the centre of our Solar System, instead of Earth) was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for defining the holy scriptures doctrine. You might say I’m following the path of Copernicus, defining the norm of society reaching out to a better understanding of our cosmic realm.   My Cosmic Theory may take thousands of years to be discovered, but like Nicolaus Copernicus, one day only TIME will tell, as another famous astronomer discovers my theory as truth. 

    After all, our reality is but a dream

    By Bari DemersScreenwriter 

    150 Years Canada – O Canada ! 

    Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦! 
    Happy 150 years Canada, as we take this year ( 2017) to celebrate the birth of the Canadian Confederation by our founding fathers of Federation. 

    It all started on July 1 1867, when just four provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) formed the new Dominion of Canada.  

    • A time when Upper and Lower Canada was the heart of Canada 🇨🇦 
    • A time ruled by the French and the English. 
    • A time when NWT (the Northwest Territories) filled Western Canada. 
    • A time when the Hudson Bay Company ruled the fur trade. 
    • A time when the Dominion Police formed (1868), quickly transforming itself into the bigger picture for Canada, the Royal Northwest Mounted Police (RNWMP) founded in 1873. 
    • A time when King Edward VII ruled. 
    • A time when the population of Canada was only 3,463,000. 

    150 YEARS LATER 

    Today Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Our honourable Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau. Today we are protected by the RCMP. Today we have a population of over 36 million, ten times that of 1867. 

    Our identity is Canadian. 

    Our love for Canada is the vastness of this beautiful rugged country, from our National Parks (such as Banff and Jasper) to each Provincial regional parks, holding fast to its everlasting beauty.  

    O Canada —–> 

    O Canada!

    Our home and native land!

    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    Ô Canada!

    Terre de nos aïeux,

    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!

    Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,

    Il sait porter la croix!

    Ton histoire est une épopée

    Des plus brillants exploits.

    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,

    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

    I’m proud to be Canadian. I am proud to live in a country that allows us the freedom of choice. O Canada 🇨🇦 Strong and Free ! 

    Happy 150 YEAR Anniversary Canada!

    by Bari Demers

    The photo above I captured while boating on Kalamaka Lake, Vernon, B.C. in the sunny Okanagan Valley.

    My Live TV Experience 

    Mike Roberts - Okanagan CHBC News
    Who remembers our dear friend Mike Roberts ?  

    He was our friendly weatherman for ions and pretty much part of my life, viewing the Okanagan CHBC News (now Global TV – Okanagan) on a regular basis, as a kid. He even had his own show segment on CHBC channel.

    Way way…way back!  

    Before social media was ever invented. Mike Roberts was the Okanagan social hub of our times. One day, I said to son-in-law Graham and daughter, Tianndra, it was about time Mike Roberts retired so a new fresh face could venture into the media spotlight.  

    Now don’t get me wrong. 

    I really enjoyed Mike’s broadcasts, but though his time in show biz should possibly give way to the golden years in the Okanagan. It wasn’t long after I said that, my wish was granted, when he decided it was time to hang up his weathering tools and look forward to golfing throughout the Okanagan Valley.

    Being an avid golfer, I suspect he’s a member at one of the golf clubs. 

    All happy for his retirement, I was applauded to see the runner up for Mike’s position. To my dismay, a rival broadcaster and his running mate, meteorologist Wesla Wong, were picked to continue on Mike’s legacy .

    To be clear, I do NOT know Wesla Wong, but I sure know the other person. 

    Flabbergasted that it takes two meteorologists to explain the weather in the small community of the Okanagan Valley, is an understatement. But whatever, maybe the two can take that extra time to actually enjoy the Okanagan. Maybe that IS their goal ?
    And maybe, Mike Roberts was really superman, when it comes to being a weatherman. Meaning, he overtook a lot of responsibilities, most meteorologist’s can’t handle today, I’m figuring. 

    Whatever their reason, it’s not really my concern.

    But, I wasn’t at all prepared to see who the other person was going to be. The one to take over the role of meteorologist on Global TV in the Okanagan. 

    You know the old saying,” Be careful what you wish for?” 

    I will always remember that day. The day I saw the same man who previously embarrassed me on LIVE TV. My routine visit to the sunny Okanagan, (home-sweet-home) and here, I so happened to glance at the TV to hear the weather report. There he was, the man, Mr. Duane English. 


    Duane English comes from Edmonton, Alberta and worked for various broadcasting companies throughout the blue-collar city. I met Duane English for the first time, while doing a “spotlight” gig about the Canadian Outdoors, from starting a fire to catching your meal, to cooking by the campfire. It was the day I was promoting my published book, ” Canadian Recipes of the Great White North.” 

    The first day I met Duane English, he really did seem like a nice guy, but little did I know about this TV business. After the tight security entering the building, Duane English greeted me in the foyer with a picture prefect smile. Soon he hustled me away into his little cubbyhole of an office, giving me a quick lesson on “live” showbiz.
    Being on “LIVE” TV was indeed a brand new experience for me. 

    Was I nervous? 

    Sure I was, but I thought the trained staff would lead me into a comfortable situation.  

    Well, was I ever for an unexpected ride of my life. 

    To picture it, you’re on a design set (a green backdrop) with this big TV camera remotely controlled on wheels. It was pretty much in your face – lol.  

    And the lights! Wow! So many lights! 

    My two 10 minute sessions on TV, were staged as such : one was inside, while the other was outside. You think you have it under control, until the camera operators says,”Three…two..one.” And then he flips his finger meaning you’re now LIVE and…ACTION! 

    Now.   Just seconds before the LIVE ACTION was broadcasted across Alberta, Duane English smirks at me and quickly says,” Don’t worry, you have only 300,000 people watching your segment- RIGHT NOW!” 

    Suddenly, we are ON AIR ! 

    The off-guard thought of so many people watching our segment put me into an immediate “freeze up”.   A term expressed by many, who have experienced this daunting effect.   It means exactly what it says. You freeze ON AIR and anything that was in your head, immediately vanishes. You can’t speak, no matter how much you want to. It’s just not going to happen. Total anxiety quickly sets in, while the whole experience becomes a mortified feeling of devastation.

    While ON AIR, we were standing by an island counter, facing the camera. Duane English began introducing me, as I stood there dumbstruck from pure fright. With his cheerful glee to the camera, he physically hits me hard on the leg with his fist (which can’t be seen on TV).

    Understanding he wanted me to snap-out-of-it! 

    I began to mumble some incoherent words and once again he hit my leg. Another technique so commonly used in showbiz ( in an emergency) is jarring others memory, by asking direct questions. This way they hopefully come out of the shock of being on TV. So, this is exactly what Duane did. 

    BUT – his dragger eyes could have killed ! 

    It worked. As soon as the ten minute session was over (and I did finally manage to explain my point of the view) the lights and camera quickly turned off, Duane English yelled at me,”What the hell was that?! Listen!  In the next session you look at me, NOT THE FU&@&k camera!” 

    I was in shock, to say the least. 

    This man, who I perceived as a nice carrying person turned into this viscous orangutan, spitting his words in my face! 

    I wasn’t amused! 

    Now I had to go outside and start a campfire, getting ready for my next segment. He quickly pointed to the stack of wood in the yard I would use, so I nodded. He told me to be ready in 5 minutes. Once again I nodded, still fuming inside by how I was treated. So I set my watch for five minutes and planned for my campfire to be burning nicely, as the next segment hit LIVE ON AIR once again.  

    I planned it perfectly. 

    Soon, the five minutes went by and no Duane English. I was getting really concerned after 15 minutes, as my little campfire was smouldering into nothing more then white ash. So, like anyone else, I fuelled up the fire with more wood. And I’m talking about old 2X4’s, which were nothing more then garbage wood. As soon as I did this, a crew member came running out barking orders at me to stop using up the wood. I tried to explain to him, Duane English told me to use it. This character was NOT going to listen to anything I had to say. He was outright rude! As a matter of fact I can’t use the words this arrogant ape said to me. 

    I was like ok – WHATEVER! 

    So the campfire turned into a smouldering pile of white ash. Soon afterwards, Duane English came hustling out. He looked at the campfire and said,” What the F&@$k is that?!”. 

     I tried my best to explain why, but to my little radar, I saw that little smirk on his face. Right there and then, I knew it was a set-up. He wanted me to fail and made sure one of his bolstering crude crew members, came out to make sure I would become a laughing stock on LIVE television. 

    In fact, I was going to be publicly embarrassed on TV. 

    Another girl came out to do the forward segment with me. We were supposed to roast marshmallows on a nice open fire. She looked at the campfire and looked at English. Duane just shrugged his shoulders, rolling his eyes, meaning,” What can you do with stupid?” 

    I shook my head in disbelief. 

    Here we were (the girl and I) roasting marshmallows on a white ash dead fire pit to over 300,000 people – LIVE! The marshmallows were stone cold! The whole experience was totally embarrassing, when the outdoor camera went LIVE showcasing this “expert woodsman” who had no idea how to make a simple campfire ! Well, that’s exactly how it appeared on LIVE TV.

    It was obvious where this segment was going. 

    So, mad and determined, I set out to make the best ten minute segment I could imagine. I even made it look like the girl and I were old friends from way back.  

    You know – Bulls$&@t. 

    After the second segment of my first TV appearance career, I really did think it was all over, being humiliated ON AIR.  Thank God there wasn’t twitter back then – lol.  To my disbelief, the Executive TV Producer phoned me up, asking if I wanted to do another couple of segments. 

    I was stunned. 

    Listening over the phone, I said,” Are you sure… I mean…my last performance wasn’t star quality.” 

    He said,” Oh no! We received a lot of emails and they want you back.” 

    “No kidding!” I said. Once again, I was totally dumbstruck! 

    Well, after that I did three more LIVE quick shows of two-ten minute outdoor segments. My fans seemed to love me. The Executive TV Producer told me, the reason they loved you so much, was because you showed them what really happens to a green-horn out in the woods. My fans compared me to them.  Oh boy!  The thought they compared me to a bubbling fool in the wilderness. 

    Go figure! Oh well, so what!  

    I went on another couple of shows, with one explaining what really happens when you get lost in the wilderness. It’s a true precarious story, that happened to me. Using only my own determination for survival skills, I was lost for over 14 hours in the middle of British Columbia rugged terrain, with evidence of a rogue Grizzly. Doesn’t matter how experienced you are in the wilderness, strange things can happen. Sometimes you can prepare, but it’s always the unexpected that happens. 

    No matter.  

    My shows were a success! Soon I received a call from another possible outdoor show called WILD TV.  The Edmonton owner was interested with my segments and wondered if I be interested in doing this part time.  

    My response was,”Sure!” 

    But I quizzed him, if he saw my performances, and the fact, my shows were portrayed as a green-horn lost in the woods?

    He told me,” Sure did! Loved it!” 

    I said,”OK then. What did you have in mind?” 

    He told me he was working on this new show called WILD TV and he could possibly have some of my segments on his show. It all sounded good, but when it came down to it, he decided to go with hunters perspective instead. Which is kind of sad, because I was looking forward to a career in showbiz. 

    Today, you can find WILD TV in full broadcast mode.

    TV is all about ratings, and I’m figuring he would get better ratings with all the hunting fans out there in Canada and United States. Mind you, today, with all the reality shows of mix-matched lives of celebrities, I figure I do well with the green-horn effect out in the wilderness.  

    The irony of it all ? 

    I am very experienced in the Canadian Outdoors and like all of us, you can’t always control Mother Nature and apparently LIVE TV.  Both control you!  Outdoors you can be the best-of-the-best and in a second, a precarious weather situation or rogue Grizzly bear, could place you in a pickle !  As LIVE TV goes, you better be prepared for ego driven announcers. 

    Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut for my own segment on WILD TV but, who knows, maybe one day I’ll get another call to showcase my outdoor skills. 

    As for Duane English? 

    He taught me what lies (get it?) behind the set of TV magic.  All I can say for Duane, I wish him well and I hope he has changed his ways, being more respectful to others, when he’s not flashing his sparkling teeth ON AIR. 

    That’s show biz! 

    By Bari Demers screenwriter / writer 

    PS – I love the Okanagan!  Raised in Vernon BC.  Went to Polson Park Junior High School when it was still in Polson Park. High school graduation was at VSS ( Vernon Senior Secondary school) and continued on to college at Okanagan College in Kelowna. Skied Sliver Star in Vernon and Big White in Kelowna.