Our Reality is but a Dream

Our Dreams by Bari Demers
[The original photo was taken in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia,Canada. It’s been tweaked by Prisma but the true photo represents an art piece similarly to Vincent Van Gogh. By Bari Demers]


A Dream is nothing more then an illusion of our reality. Our reality is only related to the physical world, where the world plays an illusion of our dreams, we continuous strive for…but never to obtain. 

As we play with our consciousness, we realize our physical being is nothing like the unreachable replica of our dreams.

In our world of reality, our brain directs our senses, picking up the world for what it really is. It’s a cold calculated, unforgivable entity reminding YOU, you’re not the master of this physical world. Any mistake we encounter may lead our physical bodies to feel pain and sorrow. Curiously though, our brain (we so depend on)never feels pain. It’s an illusion playing with our reality. Our brain always plays tricks on us to believe we are conscious, therefore everything we see, must be real. The senses controlled by the brain, makes sure of that.

Until we fall back into a dream

In a dream, our brain frees us from the reality of the physical world we live in. Suddenly we can do anything our mind dreams we can do. We can fly, feeling the cold wind across our face or have the ability to jump precariously off high buildings, landing harmlessly below. Our dreams can race us across the universe, exploring an unknown planet. A deadly planet filled with harmful gases or incredible G-forces, that would surely crush us, if we were in the physical world.  

But, here we are, unharmed.

In a dream, our personal self finds that prefect lover, waiting for us, ready to fulfill our dreams. While in the physical world, we are desperate to seek for our true soul mate, knowingly it’s only a dream. Alas, in the real world we are willing to settle for someone close to our dreams, because we already know our image of perfection is only perceived in our dreams. 

Our brain rules our consciousness, telling us there’s a higher purpose or a higher entity. We concede to our consciousness and give it a name. We call it GOD. This controlling brain of ours even goes one step further, explaining to our consciousness, if we can’t explain what we see, then it must be the act of GOD. You would think our brain is finished controlling our thoughts. But no, it continues to push us forward, pushing us towards an inconceivable thirst of knowledge, seeking out an unattainable truth. Seeking out the truth of who we are, what we are and where we are. If we can’t find an definitive answer, we look even deeper then before, until we realize our answers are filled with yet more unanswered questions. 

Our brain never gives up until the day we die. 

Lucky for us, even our brain needs to rest. In this time of rest, our brain collects and organizes data as if we were defragmenting our own computer. As we sleep, it’s believed this processing time is acted out in our dreams, in a mix match of bizarre images. It’s mind blowing effects would impress any Hollywood director.  

Curious though, our dreams are as real as if we were awake. 

I say to you, our Reality is but a Dream. We explore the possibility, our real physical world is nothing more then a test, preparing us for a more deeper meaning, releasing us from life, altogether. As the Egyptians Gods, we continue on a journey surpassing anything we have ever encountered before.  

Once your mind realizes, our reality is nothing more then an illusionary dream you’ll become disillusioned, wonder why we even play this game at all. A world of complete madness, fed by human games where the stakes are high. Our misguided society worshipping celebrities and leaders like gods, offering our souls to their commands. 

We are such a silly human being.

In this world, we must constantly free ourselves from this insanity. And we do, by expressing our souls to the inner spiritual self, through music and our artistic abilities. As an actor gives everything to create that character, so do musicians, pouring out their heart and soul. As for me, I’m an artist with words. My words could easily be refer to as Vincent van Gogh’s Art, an impressionist with a hidden message.

Reality controls the limitations of physical bodies, whereas our dreams free our souls along a wondrous journey. Free your soul from the darkness and follow me on a journey of dreams, where our future is exposed. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 


Interest: scifi, art, science, filming, Okanagan, hiking, foodie, local restaurants & resorts and a Vegas Lover

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