The Cosmos vs The Heavens

The Cosmic Universes by Bari Demers
Every scientist, and astronomy student on earth, knows the mini TV Series, the 2014 Cosmos – Spacetime Odyssey hosted by narrator astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, inspired by Carl Saga’s first documentary episode in Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a thirteen-part television series written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steven Soter in 1980. With a brigade of producers, one producer stood out amongst the others. His name is one you wouldn’t expect to find, but there he was, the illusive Seth MacFarlane, creator of (Yes you guessed it! ) “Family Guy”. The team of writers and the cash full of producers encouraged the National Geographic and History Channel, to run a modern mini series of the Cosmos, in a way to honour Carl Sagan.

Oh Dear Carl Sagan – they say everyone has a destiny.

In the early years, the King of the Cosmos was no other then astrophysicist and astronomer, Carl Sagan. His keen interest in the universe and his ability to share the Cosmos in a way the average Joe could understand, was indeed awe inspiring to the world. Back then, Neil Tyson was a young teenager from the Bronx of New York City, (dreaming of becoming a scientist) had the opportunity to meet Carl Sagan himself. In fact, Carl invited him the Ithaca at Cornell University, after seeing his application of admittance there. As Spock would say,”Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end”, therefore it only makes logical sense for Neil to be the narrative of the new mini series the Cosmos – Spacetime Odyssey.

Carl Sagan inspired many others, including myself, who just bought his brand new published book, Cosmos published in 1980. Turning the pages, it wasn’t long before I realized how small we really are on a cosmic level. Indeed, I was awe struck by the magnitude of Carl Sagan’s words leaping off the pages.

The universe finally made sense to me.

Little did I know at the time how significant this book was, until one fateful day. As a young father in my twenties, my world came crashing down around me, when my first born child, Jenni Michelle Demers died of a painful rare disease only known as Kawasaki. The doctor’s of this time had very little knowledge of the effects or if there was even a cure.

BUT – they told my wife (Patricia) and I, we had nothing to fear, as the death rate was only 10 percent.

That evening (to everyone’s shock) poor little Jenni died on November 5, 1980. The soar of uncontrollable grief held us in an zombie trance of unforgivable torture. All I could possibly think of then,”What kind of GOD would allow a baby to die ?!”

After putting Jenni to rest, we were ushered out to our family farm on the lonely prairies of southern Saskatchewan. It was a frightening cold winter, with the digits reaching well below -55 C, as the prairie winds formed eight foot snow drifts. The countless visitors to our small farmhouse (paying their respects to Jenni’s short life) started to smother me to death. I needed to escape this crushing feeling of despair. Overcome by my lingering darkness of grief, my anger got the best of me. I quickly ran out into the midnight freezing cold, with nothing more then the shirt on my back.

Exerting my rage, I yelled at the top of my lungs,” God damn you! You can all go to hell!” Shaking my fist to the brilliant night sky. It was then I noticed the vastness of our universe and how beautiful the Milky Way stood out amongst the icy prairie night, as the countless stars twinkled. Suddenly I could see one star burning brighter then the others.

“Could it be?!” I thought.

Was God pointing me in the direction where Jenni laid ? Or was my imagination just getting the best of me? Who really knows what the truth is ?

To me, it was clear.

Jenni stirred her lasting soul through that one burning star, to assure me she was safe and sound. I could see the star was at least millions or possibly billions of light-years away. Could it be, Jenni’s soul was lying in a new undiscovered dimension of the universe, only to be revealed to me? I signed with relief.

Within that cosmic minute I was finally at peace with myself.

I remember saying,”Thank you …”

Paused, shivering like a leaf, realizing only then, my body was freezing to death. I smiled and yelled,” Thanks too Carl!” For if it wasn’t for me to expand my knowledge with the gift of Carl Sagan’s book, I would have never thought of the universe in the same way.

To this very day, when I think of Jenni, I think of the burning star in vastness of our incredible universe.

NOTE : Please read Soul Saviour– a story intertwined with Jenni – what if…


Throughout my life I followed the stars. The Universe, the Cosmos and the Spacetime Odyssey of mankind. The birth of a new star awaits to be built within our image of the universe, as our souls are renewed, forming into another cosmic dust of life. With my new lease on the vision-of-life, I see our universe in a completely different perspective. Our physical bodies may be tied to the gravity of time and space, but our souls are free to go explore the cosmos. The Cosmos of Unity vs The Realm of the Heavens.

Exactly where do the two meet ?

Below is a progressive layout starting with Earth as home-base. If you watched CONTACT (film based on science fiction novel by Carl Sagan, Contact 1985) the beginning shows how insignificant we humans really are. From 1-6 (including 8) is the norm, while I continued on with my own perception of 7, 9, 10 and 11.

The Cosmic Model works like this:

      1. Earth
      2. Solar System
      3. Milky Way Galaxy
      4. Local Group of Galaxies
      5. Virgo Supercluster
      6. Observable Dimensional Universe 1
      7. Ring of the 8 Universes known as the Segment of Orange
      8. The Ocean of Universes bubbles referred to as the Multi-Universe
      9. The Realm of Darkness
      10. Our Spiritual Entity
      11. The Cosmic Governor


      Number 7 : Our Universe is only one of many. It’s my perception, after the Observable Dimensional Universe, we already suspect other universes are tied together by known BlackHoles. BlackHoles are the gateway to newer forming universes, robbing our universe of stars, Planets, Galaxies and Quasars. It’s my personal belief the presumed Big Bang Theory is always in motion, on the other side of BlackHoles, where a new universe is beginning to grow. Looking at a model, the best subject would be an Orange with its inside segment, each representing a universe. Moving onto number eight (reducing in size) each bubble represents each Orange model, reaching out into infinity.

      Number 9 : It’s already proven our solar system of Planets and Universe lay in what scientists call “Dark Matter”. This dark energy consists of baryonic matter and neutrinos without emitting any spectrum of light, including electromagnetic. We know it exists due to the gravitational effects on our Dimensional Universe and Planets. It’s my belief, there’s a VOID if you will, that contains the birth of dark energy, waiting for its day in the cosmic equation, ripped by Time and Space.

      Number 10 : I like to imagine the Spirituality Entity as a place where our souls (light energy) travel after we die. It’s a Cosmic Gateway reported by those who have experienced near-death, transforming images of “The Light”. It could also be described as the meeting place of souls ready to be transformed back into the soup of LIFE. In fact, even though our physical body ends up as dust on earth, our energized soul never really dies, it transforms back into the never ending cosmic equation of life.

      Number 11 : Scientist already know our universe is NOT a chaotic mix match, but a mathematical form of the cosmic evolution. In other words there’s still a controlling entity. We like to call it GOD, but I don’t believe it’s a physical god but an overall control station of life, if you will. A governor where the laws of mathematics and nature are the prefect mix, producing life itself.


      The Cosmos vs The Heavens

      In today’s chaotic society, our lives and growth are plagued by manmade religion, placing a control over the masses. We are not much different from the time of Nicolaus Copernicus (where his vision of the Sun dominated at the centre of our Solar System, instead of Earth) was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for defining the holy scriptures doctrine. You might say I’m following the path of Copernicus, defining the norm of society reaching out to a better understanding of our cosmic realm.   My Cosmic Theory may take thousands of years to be discovered, but like Nicolaus Copernicus, one day only TIME will tell, as another famous astronomer discovers my theory as truth.

      After all, our reality is but a dream.

      By Bari DemersScreenwriter

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