Top 20 Changes To America by TRUMP EMPIRE

Free Americans from Donald Trump
When the new president-elect TRUMP EMPIRE takes office, I predict the top 20 changes to United States of America. Right now, we still have freedom of speech, but that will change drastically in United States. 

TOP 20

  1.  The TRUMP EMPIRE will appoint a cabinet of white supremacists and war-mongers – oh wait! That has already happened šŸ˜” The Team of Racists has started.
  2. Trump will close down the borders. Muslins will no longer be allowed to enter United States. A register for Muslims in America will begin, using tax forms as a way to identify ; a discreet approach marking their fate.
  3. Relations with Canada and United States will at first be business as usual, until talks of Free Trade. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no match for the TRUMP EMPIRE. 
  4. Trump will change laws of United States to suit his TRUMP EMPIRE, including less taxes and better incentives for the rich. 
  5. He will spend billions to find illegal immigration in his country. A new order of SWAT TEAM nicknamed American Swat Troopers (AST) will be assigned to hunt down illegal immigrants, charge them with a criminal convection and sending them back to Mexico, or whatever country they came from. Each is marked with a tattoo.
  6. Ties with Mexico and United States will become a Cold War state. The TRUMP EMPIRE will warn other countries, if they do business with Mexico, it will mean they are enemies of the United States. 
  7. The TRUMP EMPIRE will NOT build the WALL, due to the overwhelming costs. He had stated Mexico will pay for such a wall, only making Mexico laugh at such an attempt. As he realizes his exaggerated plan, he publicly says,” Building the wall was just a metaphor…a figure of speech.” 
  8. He will have good relations with Putin and will let Russia do all the dirty work. The TRUMP EMPIRE will just sit back and watch it happen. In fact, Russia will eventually invade Canada’s Northern Region and claim it as its own. United States will sit back and say,”We have more pressing problems then worry about Canada. If they had a stronger military force instead of relying on us, maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation.” Meanwhile Syria is taken over by its dictator Assad. Unknown to the TRUMP EMPIRE Putin is using America as its puppet. 
  9. Putin agrees to extradite Snowden, placing him in the custody of the United States. Snowden possible faces the death penalty.
  10. The TRUMP EMPIRE will limit media interference, controlling free speech. Corporate media will be heavily fined and possible jailed, if they publish anything against the TRUMP EMPIRE. 
  11. White extremists will freely carry out HATE CRIMES across United States and Canada.
  12. Sixty percent of Americans will agree with any announcement the TRUMP EMPIRE claims, even if it’s false. TRUMP will continue giving out false statements, encouraging white extremists to lash out, even though publicly he’ll tell them to stop. 
  13. American Women will become second class citizens. The only women to succeed are those related to the TRUMP EMPIRE, or who will financially support Trump’s businesses. In reality, the TRUMP EMPIRE excels, while he uses women for his benefit.
  14. TRUMP EMPIRE will begin to break laws using his self appointed Judge in the American justice system. Congress will object and try to pass a law to prevent the unconstitutional force by an appointed Judge. The TRUMP EMPIRE will use a “Pocket veto” exercising it in favour of the TRUMP EMPIRE. 
  15. The TRUMP EMPIRE will decrease funding to schools and education. An uneducated population is easier to manipulate under the TRUMP EMPIRE. 
  16. ObamaCare will be crushed into a useless health system.
  17. In America, it business as usual, where the rich get richer and the poor become lower-class citizens where their own children will starve. The social system completely collapses, as Trump states,”Our financial system can no longer support the strain on our America taxpaying citizens. You need to feed your families? Get a job!” Hundreds of thousands of people will be on the streets, homeless. 
  18. Pay rates decrease with a shadowing program implemented by the TRUMP EMPIRE. Advertisements will boost, ” Register for our SHADOW JOB PROGRAM, insures you a job and a roof over your head. The labour board objects, as they find the program is turning paid jobs into slave labor with pennies on the dollar. A SHADOWING APPRENTICE has less pay with no benefits. The homes the TRUMP EMPIRE promises are built by Trump businesses. Each apprentice must work 6 days a week, 15 hours per day to receive a high interest rate home. The rate is so high it’s impossible to payoff the home. 
  19. Crime in United States skyrockets. It’s no longer safe on the streets. Americans referred it to “Purging America”. Each city and State implements curfews. It’s too late, as citizens take revenge. American cities become an open-firing range on the streets. Hundreds of innocent victims become targets on a daily basis. The death count rises. Riots on the streets in every city of America becomes the norm.
  20. The TRUMP EMPIRE hires its very own political FILM DIRECTOR, promoting his own propaganda. The American people will become brainwashed into thinking the TRUMP EMPIRE is really for the benefit of all Americans. 

Free Americans from Donald Trump


The TRUMP EMPIRE will beef-up both border crossings, adding strict guidelines. These guidelines can pass the newly imposed “Red Tape” if it’s a business supporting the TRUMP EMPIRE. Muslims already in United States will try to seek a more friendlier country to live in. Money from Saudi Arabia in the United States will relocated, as they sell off their real estate holdings. Non-American citizens will be denied citizenship. 


Over three million illegal immigrants will be hunted down and processed, given a MARK of being a criminal. Even though they won’t bear a physical ban, cleverly it will be disguised electronically. Camps for processing will appear, not only for illegal immigrants but for Muslims. 
Hate crimes will go rampant in United States, where white extremists will basically get away with murder. 


Trump businesses will excel like never before, with conflict-of-interest cover ups. Politically, Trump will help allies, Putin and Assad, providing them with either military firearms or turn-a-blind-eye to any involvement, stating,” It’s not Americans problem.” Russia will begin invading Canada, claiming the northern region.

War breaks out in Mexico, fuelled by the TRUMP EMPIRE, through the interference with the CIA. 

Street protests escalates, making the ’60’s look like a walk-in-the-park.   TRUMP EMPIRE sets up a new law, making it illegal to protest. Thousands of Americans are arrested, as some die for their cause. 


I hope my above predictions are wrong, but I highly doubt the TRUMP EMPIRE will benefit Americans and it certainly won’t be of any value to Canadians – it’s no longer the secret love affair of the two countries. Because the Canadian government didn’t beef up its military, Canada will become easy prey to Russia. 

Will this be the end of freedom as we know it ?  

The next four years with the newly-elect president Trump controlling its citizens, will indeed be the darkest time against the freedoms of the American Constitution. The first four years, Canada will experience a colder border along with failed FREE TRADE agreements. Alberta’s pipeline agreement may go through, but at a cost to all Canadians, American farmers and the environment. 

Forget about the Americans worrying about the environment, it just won’t happen. And Trump will continue to give out false truths. In the end he’ll say,” Ok, well whatever. Who’s to say what’s true and what’s not?” 

I feel sorry for the American media, as they’ll become increasingly attacked by the TRUMP EMPIRE. The real truth will be hidden from the American people, with a new propaganda media source approved by the TRUMP EMPIRE.

Congress will try to stop the TRUMP EMPIRE from growing but his Team of Racists will begin to arrest politicians who go against the TRUMP EMPIRE. The FBI will form a new task force known as the TRUMP TEAM FORCE. Being to obvious of a name, they change it to the FBI DIRECT FORCE. All forms of communication will be easily accessed by the FBI. 

Because of the TRUMP EMPIRE TEAM and propaganda, TRUMP will enter into his second term as president. Once again, the electoral system will be compromised by the help of Russia. American will never be the same, resembling a close sister country to Russia. 

We’ll see what happens in the next year. I hope I AM SO WRONG !  Is this the new American Dream ? 

By Bari Demers 


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