Westworld – The Adversary speaks to the Fans 

Canadian Version of Westworld Gamer interactive Clues
Warning : Spoiler Alert for the TV Series Westworld 2016. 

OMG ! Did you see what I saw ?!  In Episode 6 – The Adversary ? 

Bernard heads down to Level 82 to further investigate the GPS coordinates of the estranged (stray) host. Leading into the darkness of the security level, his light beams across the forgotten past of so long ago. Inadvertently, his four-pack flashlight beams onto a past android model, which ( if you saw the 1973 movie) resembles the form of the original MiB, Yul Brenner. It’s slight and so cleverly done, it quickly imposes the idea of the old robot played by the famous Yul Brenner. 

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! 

As a writer I would love to see the teleplay of each episode of Westworld. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are spot on, leading us viewers deep down into one of the most science-fiction thrillers in a long time. 

I mean, I’m hooked ! 

We’re only into the 6th episode and it’s blown away my expectations. So far, the TV Series offers an exemplary storyline, edging us forward into a deeper maze of wondrous exhilaration. I’m sure Michael Crichton would be impressed by the remake of his 1976 film. 

Truly, we’re into the WOW factor! 

The fact, Johnathan Nolan took Westworld one step further, releasing an interactive role game version, where guests play out their desires and fantasies, is in itself a cool adaptation from the original film.  

AND the cast members – whoa! 

A well thought out execution of brilliant actors, from my favourite @Anthony Hopkins to Jeffery Wright (@jfreewright) Ed Harris @evanrachelwood @jimmisimpson @benbarnes @thandienewton @AngelaSarafyan @shannonwoodward @Louis_Herthum, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth (@Hemsdog), Sidse Babett Knudsen and list goes on ! 

The direction of each role carries the storyline forward with drama and suspense. Suspenseful when Elsie Hughes ( played by talented Shannon Woodward) digs up hidden clues and becomes abducted by (I believe) Arnold. Before taken, she warns Bernard that his lover, Theresa Cullen (the parks terse operations leader) may be responsible for smuggling out data from the uplink hardware. 

Remember Arnold? 

Dr Ford’s partner who supposedly died over 34 years ago, is continuously mentioned throughout the story. To me, it appears he’s going to make his entrance in Episode 7. 

Well ? That’s my conjecture anyway. 

It’s also revealed Dr Ford has an old family of hosts, completely out of circulation, specifically for Dr Ford’s enjoyment. Bernard’s previous investigation lead him to a home setting in the far area of the park, discovering Dr Ford’s secret. Surprisingly to Bernard, he has no control over these older host models. Strictly operated by the whim of Dr. Ford. Bernard is deeply concerned for his mentor and friend. 

Oh boy!  

The plot surely is stirring thicker and thicker, into a bloody evil of darkness and despair 😩.  

Oh ! We can’t forget about madam Maeve either (played by the wonderful actress, @thandienewton), who has now achieved awareness beyond the fantasy of Westworld Park.  She cleverly entices worker Felix, to help her achieve a smarter program and explore the real world outside Westworld. At first, Maeve is taken back by the fact she’s nothing more then an android, programmed by a set of linear programs. But with her new upgrade (increasing her robotics intelligence), it will be very interesting to see where she goes from here. 

The new and improved Westworld is indeed intriguing and I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday ! @WestworldHBO by Johnathan Nolan and @lisajoynolan, @bad_robot ( J. J. Abrams) 

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 Sure enjoying the well written story of Westworld – join me on Twitter.

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer. 

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