Meeting William Shatner 

My daughter Tianndra had the most wonderful dream that I just had to share with you – lol. 

It goes like this : 

“I had a dream that you were coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and I was supposed to pick you up from the airport. But a friend stopped by and we started drinking so I forgot. So then this big van pulled up in our driveway driven by William Shatner and he dropped you off.”  [AWESOMENESS!  William Shatner ( my buddy and friend) gave me a ride from the airport, not to mention he’s in my hometown – LOL. ]

Tianndra continues: 

“Then I forgot to defrost the turkey but by the time we got it defrosted it was 10 at night so we couldn’t have turkey dinner. Lol. But you (that’s me) were so happy because you got to drive with William Shatner – lol.

That’s all I remember from that dream. Hahaha…”

I love it! Now for that dream to become true 😎 Thank you Tianndra for sharing such an awesome dream. 

Can you imagine if that happened?  

My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter had the privilege to meet William Shatner during last year’s Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, taking a photo shoot, as you see above.  I love my granddaughter’s expression 🙄

Have you met William Shatner

By Bari Demersscifi screenwriter and freelance writer.  My DREAMS and REALITY 

PS – Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada 🇨🇦. 

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