Black Angels

This is my project and dreams – if you’re one of the actors mentioned below, ask for the TREATMENT of BLACK ANGELS 

Dreams and Reality

They say,” Always keep close to your dreams.”

My dream visualizes the screenplay BLACK ANGELSatits Hollywood premier, on a Fall evening in Los Angeles. You know what I mean…the typical Hollywood scene with movie stars strutting along the red carpet supporting my blockbuster film, BLACK ANGELS.

Black Angels is a sci-fi horror genre, possibly starring Milla Jovovich, Kelly Reilly, Antje Traue, Keanu Reeves, Ewan McGregor and Peter Stormare. My obvious pick for Best Director could be James Gunn or Tim Burton. Both are remarkable directors and would make my screenplay BLACK ANGELS pretty awesome. Walt Disney Productions (aka Marvel Studios) is the obvious choice, with President Kevin Feige ( also film producer making a whopping 10 billion in revenue) running the show. The storyline and screenplay is by screenwriter,Bari Demers. ( That’s me 👽)

LOGLINE: Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s…

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