YOU must be from the Future

must be from the FUTURE

It’s clear.  YOU are NOT like the others.  YOU think for yourself and not for the crowd.  

Not following the crowd is always to your advantage. Thinking independently gets you further in life. Make smart choices and explore the unknown. Just Remember this – there are many fishes in the sea, but there’s only one of YOU

Follow your own path to a better YOU

If others enjoy your passion, they will follow. If not ? It’s their loss. Enrich your life with your passion and forget the rest. The smart ones will envy YOU. The jealous ones will look for your mistakes. The dumb ones ? Well, they’re too dumb to realize anything. 

Life is a hard path of obstacles but with your persistence YOU will prevail. 

Think of this – Your way of thinking is light years ahead of everyone else. Remember Charles Darwin’s and his book, On the Origin of Species? The Church of England thought he was a lunatic, during a time of religious dictatorship. The science and religious community were at odds with each other, but in the end, the science of evolution prevailed victorious.  

It’s only logical.

As for YOU?   It means YOU must be from the FUTURE. The rest of the flock are still back in the DARK AGES. Following your own path whatever YOU do, because in the end, the fishes of sea or the flock of sheep will always follow someone else’s lead. They’re scared of change and are more willing to follow their master to end of the earth, even if it means they will drink the Kool-Aid. 

SO – go forth and clear a new path for the future and above all – OWN IT

By Bari Demers 

NOTE : If you’re not familiar with the term, “Drinking the Kool-Aid“, it’s now a figure of speech, in regards to the time, when a religious cult called the Peoples Temple (by leader Jim Jones) order his group of followers to commit suicide by drinking a mixture of powered drink laced with cyanide. 

About Bari :  

Bari is a storyteller and  screenwriter.  If your were to describe him in an Synopsis, it would go like this : 

The Man from the Future 

“A middle aged man’s mind is filled with stories and forced to write them to the world. The only problem is, every story he writes becomes true.”

Follow Bari on Twitter and be sure to checkout his many stories on his website : James Montana Scripts

If you click on the YOU above  you will find another story to read by Bari Demers

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