It’s NOT All About YOU

Aftermath by Bari Demers

Once again, we are sadly reminded of the selfishness of people, either by their believes or narrow-mindedness. 

It’s NOT all about YOU.

This week we had such a gifted soul, 22-year-old singer, Christina Grimmie who was tragically killed after signing autographs in Orlando, Florida.  Her life was taken by a selfish fan.   And today, another 50 people were gunned down and killed in a gay night club

It’s a tragedy! 

There’s a whole world out there.   Over 7 billion individual souls who want to live in freedom, just like YOU.  

Below I wrote this statement on Facebook, in my sadness of our world and how we are becoming cold blooded individuals, seeking only our own selfish greed. Such a terrible week after these human monsters unleashed their selfishness onto the world.  

“Such a sad sad world we are living in. My condolences go out to the families and friends of these dear souls whom have lost their life over someone’s radical believes on the gay community.   When is this going to stop ? When will we ever be free of these selfish radical individuals or groups of monsters ?  

John Lennon sang,” All we are saying is give peace a chance.” 

Why can’t we all just get along together and appreciate the magnitude of different cultures and lifestyles? 

It’s NOT all about YOU – It’s about getting along with everyone and appreciate the diversity of “Human Beings” as a whole. 

So…I say to YOU open your mind and welcome the world into your arms, bringing LOVE and understanding. Never cast down your neighbour due to your status or belief.  
The person next to YOU may so happen to enrich your soul that you never thought was possible.   Free your mind and soul – Become a better person by embracing care and understanding of the person next to YOU

Once again this year, I give my deepest condolences to all those free souls who were placed in harms way due to someone’s radical beliefs.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” John Lennon 

It’s NOT all about YOU.
By Bari Demers 

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