Anahareo – Woman of Vision

Don’t forget to nominate Woman of Vision – you have until April 15 2016 for nominations. A legendary woman on our Canadian Bank Note ( currency) READ blog for more info …

Dreams and Reality

indian paintbrush flower Photo Credit : Bari Demers
March 9 2016 was a day to celebrate women’s achievements by recognizing International Women’s Day. Also, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, the Bank of Canada will begin taking in nominations for iconic women to appear on the new bank note. The woman picked will set a precedent for equality and the future of all women in Canada.

Previously, the monarchy set the stage for Canada’s Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who has been prominently featured on our bank notes throughout her reign, from early as the young 8-year-old Princess Elizabeth to the $20 bill featuring the new Polymer- style note.

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put it,” Because it’s 2015…” in response defending gender balance.

The Bank of Canada will be taking nominations, women of vision, up to April 15, 2016. As noted on the Bank of Canada…

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