The Alien Virus Theory 


Queen Siri XII – Photo Credit : Bari Demers

If an intelligent alien race came to earth with hostile intent, it would be a whisper in the night. There wouldn’t be this massive war as we see in the movies; it would be more like the shadow of death, a new strain of virus, a million times deadlier than the black plague itself, without any possible cure of an antidote. 

In essence, the alien virus would soon earn its name, through its physical traits it would carry.  Our pathologists may have time to name it ‘Oceanic Fever’ after the source is traced from the very ocean we rely on. But as far as humans would be concerned, our legendary throne on earth would be eliminated altogether. The threat of mankind would be forever distinguished, conquered by the unseen landlords, ruling our planet full of its valuable resources.  


Photo Credit : Adam Pass

[“The morning sun hides behind the evening stars – Satan’s shadow rises through the desert storm.” Quote by Bari Demers ]

The most valuable of them all being our planet Earth.

Any intelligent species having the capabilities of traveling millions of light years throughout our universe, would only be looking for the biggest prize of them all, a sustainable living M Planet ready for colonization. They would land, cleanup and colonize using our home planet, as they see fit.

They may even rename our planet after their glorious King of the Royal Empire.

As for us, we would be nothing more than a past memory ; a whisper in the wind. Possibly, after countless years of colonization, we may be referred to as those aggressive prehistoric Homo Sapiens; an amusement for their scientists, a palaeontologist of sorts, who study prehistoric life and fossils.

Our fate will be nothing more then a notch in the evolutionary timeline of life. As a living species of our time, we would only hope to be remembered. But to our new landlords, we may be only as interesting, as the ant colonies we see today under our feet.

So, it’s vital not to take ourselves so seriously, as the dominate warriors we portray, arrogant to believe we are the only intelligent species alive. Little do we know, we may have been watched for centuries, unaware as they feverishly plan our own fate. 

Maybe the biblically scripture, “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…” has more truth then we had ever known, except the part, I fear no evil. 

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter 

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