Equality and Trust – Who say You? 


BLACK ANGELS by Bari Demers
Equality and Trust can shape the person you are as a human being. If one can’t trust a friend, family or colleague, your relationship breaks apart into pieces. Essentially both parties become paranoid of each other.

Trust and true friendship go hand-in-hand. 

Equality on the other hand is another entity all together, but it tells the person who you really are underneath. If you can’t or won’t respect the opposite gender, it tells me a deeper, sinister trait lurks beneath your personality. It shows me, you rather use control instead of coming to a mutual agreement. 

I strongly believe men and women are and should be treated as equals.  

When just a young boy around 7-8 years old, I placed women on this imaginary pedestal, bowing to them as the “beautiful goddess” of the world. You must understand, I never really had a mom figure until reaching 10, when my stepmom came into the picture. Of course I was close to my sister, but only thought of her as a sibling. Not the same as the women I saw around me. My sister was, well, just my annoying sister, at the time. 

Strange how your mind thinks when so young.

To me, men were these ugly hairy beasts whom I just couldn’t understand what women saw in them. “Wow! Good thing women liked men, or we would be totally lost,” I thought!
Older I became, soon realized women have pretty much the same problems as men, if you remove the gender factor. There are the bad, the good, the evil, the rich, the poor, the ignorant, the smart, the happy, the sad, the druggies, the arrogant and a whole bunch of other traits. 

Women are as human as men – go figure! 

Then, in my later years in college I ran into feminist and activists. I couldn’t understand what their issues were, only that, I agree men and women should be treated as equal. But feminist seem to go that extra step, placing all men in the same barrel and basically calling them egotistical pigs. And activists are willing to burn down your house, just to make a point. And, it never mattered what you said, you were always wrong, simply because you were part of the male species. They already had this chip on their shoulder.

To me, it’s the wrong approach. So, here’s what I believe. 

In my eyes, all women are beautiful and should be equally treated as men, from equal pay to having the same chances. My pet peeve is when one tries to use POWER over another by degrading them in one way or another.  My relationship with men hasn’t always been the best because of my power tripping biological father, who used the worse possible things to control me, as a young “whippersnapper”.  And this leads me to trust. 

Trust is an important special bond.

When young, you naturally trust your parents, believing in everything they say, either from brainwash tactics or from pure honest love. It’s their choice. Your parents have the responsibility to nurture you, shaping you into the person you are today, becoming the good or evil of society.

Parents have an a crucial role.   

Breaking that trust, I believe is the worse possible thing anyone can do to another person. And if your parents break that trust, using you for personal gain, it’s the most vial disturbing thing they can possibly do to you. If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust ? When you grow into an adult, you to must make the right choices. 

There’s that fine edge of the sword. 

You have the freedom to go one way or another, but whatever you do, never go to the “Dark Side“, using power, greed or personal gain onto others, just because they lowered their shield to let you in. They have given you the most precious intimate side of themselves, expecting you to hold onto it for dear life. It’s their skeleton-in-the-closet, sort of speak. Don’t ever break that trust, because it won’t take long before others see who you really are underneath. They will instinctively know to never trust you with anything, from responsibility at your job to becoming a true friend. 

Equality and trust are two completely different animals but each shape the person you are. So, the next time you are about to ‘blab’ on Facebook, think about the person you want to become. Will you become the person others look up to, or the most mistrusted person in society, with evil lurking underneath?   

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer producing stories.

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