The Planet made of Gold

Like any writer, it’s best to go back to your story, documentary or screenplay a couple of months or even years later. With a clear mind, you can make better editing choices.
As such with my post in March 19 2014 – now revised January 30 2016 : The Planet made of Gold  by Bari Demers
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Thank you

Dreams and Reality

Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers
It was once said,” Dreams are more real then life itself.”

“Data received” I remember saying. My eyes open to the warm breeze of trade winds gently caressing my face. ”Ah yes, I know this place well, it reminds me of Kaanapali beach in Maui,” My inner thoughts begin expressing in words,”Damn, I miss Hawaii!”

Looking over the vast tropical ocean, waves crash like mighty giants, slowly eroding the sandy shores. My feet are nestled in the warm sand. It’s then I notice traces of what looks like speckled gold. Am I seeing right? Is this really gold? Scooping up a handful of sand, I inspect it closer. Stunned, the grains of sand slowly sift through my fingers. My mind is racing! Instinctively looking around, I quickly notice miles and miles of the sandy beach speckled with gold, sparkling in the afternoon sun. Smiling ear…

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