The Passion of Legends – David Bowie

Today is a sad day to hear the passing of legendary David Bowie. His passion for music, without any doubt, made an impact on our artistic culture.  

When an artist dies, it brings me deep sorrow.  

The loss of a gifted human being touches the very soul of my aching heart, because I realize that person won’t be able to express his or her love anymore. Of course, their art will live-on through music, photography or writing, but the person will be gone forever.

I say this,” Damn our short life! Seriously, there must be more than this?  Otherwise the evolutionary human being is nothing more than a cruel joke throughout the ages of millennium.”

So, that’s why it’s so important that we follow our passion.

Whatever your passion is, follow it and never ever give up, no matter what others feel or think. It’s not always about money. The passion within you will speak for itself and others will follow. Everyone of us, including stars and musical wizards, had to start from somewhere.  

If it grabs you, never let go!

Passion is the love of life; without it you’re plagued with emptiness. Your soul will reap with happiness the very moment you begin pursuing your dreams.  

Whatever it takes, give it all you got!

From the very depths of your soul, bring out the creative YOU, as precious and unique as a snowflake. There’s only one of you, the mould has long been destroyed. Some of us are gifted more than others, even considered prodigies, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for you to give up.


It only means you must try harder.  The burning passion within touches the very core of your soul.  

You must express it!  

It constantly taunts you forward, the minute you awake, to the minute you fall asleep. But then there are times you can’t sleep because a word, an image or a phrase lures you to pick up that musical instrument, that brush, that pen, to begin exploring that whimsical thought dancing in your head and boasting it to the world.

So, reach out and make yourself known. Expressing your artistic self may touch the heart and soul of other human beings, just waiting for your spark of life.

Today, I give my heartfelt tribute to David Bowie, a man who expressed his love for music. While his passion captured the world, leaving his fans ecstatic for more, David Bowie’s kindness touched everyone.  

It’s in deep sorrow I express my loss for David Bowie, a true legend.  Thank you David for enriching our lives and soul. You will be missed.

By Bari Demers 

PS – Here’s what I said on my Twitter account @jrobbmontana, ” I would also like to express the sad loss of David Bowie . When I hear an #artist is taken away from us, it’s a very sad day.#musicians #DavidBowie #UnderPressure @DavidBowieReal ”

Enjoy this YouTube clip featuring David Bowie, Annie Lennox and Queen – it’s superb !

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