Safety First – Are Canadians Safe? 

I’m all for our government helping out the war-torn women and children.

They really do need our assistance.  
As said by CBC’s article, “Trudeau also responded to a CBC story this week that said the government’s plan will give priority to families with children.”

But I’m concerned about the private organizations who are assisting whole families who aren’t about children. In fact, ( as you can see by the above photo) this particular family have only ONE under aged child. The rest are all adults.  Noticed the two brothers, one is 33 years old while the other is 29 years old.  The daughter is 23 years old.

We all know what happened in the United States – two brothers set off two explosives near the finish line of the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013 , killing three and wounding 264 … Both said they were motivated by extremist Islamist. 

These two brothers were recent immigrants from a large family too. 

What I didn’t know about bringing in refugees by private organizations, they don’t have to go by the same rules as our Canadian government has already set out.

Also, accordingly CBC have forward a list of what cities the refugees will live. For example, they tell us in BC, it’s the lower mainland, Vancouver area, which is true. But, private church organizations are bringing them into places, such as Kelowna.
These families will be privately assisted for ONE year. After that time, they must be interrogated into our society, assisted with full time jobs. This timeline doesn’t seem realistic to me.   
I hope they end up being a peaceful family, just happy to be away from the fear of a deadly war. Personally I can’t imagine such a thing. In Canada, we are extremely fortunate and possibly spoiled by the things we take for granted.
I’m also well aware of the security procedures and find this process troubling.  
I’m thankful our new honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has taken a second look into the security issues and listened to his experts. The original time slotted was indeed troubling. It takes a man and a leader to change his mind from his political goals to ensure the safety of all Canadians.
Trust me. Our Prime Minister knows a lot more of what is going on, then we do from our media-feed sources. His expert advisory committee are constantly keeping him up-to-speed, advising of possible threats through our Canadian cities.    

Safety first – right?  Are Canadians safe ? 

The above is all very concerning and requires further investigation. And that’s the point, we must investigate everything and remove the fiction, concentrating only on the facts. 
And, please, before everyone goes off on a tangent, I’m well aware of thousands of other refugees coming into Canada way before the much publicized Syrian refugees. Also aware of our homeless and veterans needs.

Please read one of my many articles. It’s about ‘Canadians Rage War with Words‘.  It will assist you to my further concerns.  Thank you. 

Please don’t be disgruntled and read more 

By Bari Demers 

(freelance writer and screenwriter ) 

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