Canadians Rage War with Words

I’m saddened by all the hate by Canadians. Unfortunately social media has allowed us to speak our mind without thinking first. 

Fuelled by anger, Canadians will freely wage war with words, using bullying tactics, instead of making informed intelligent statements backed with real facts.

For or against an opinion, is your constitution right, ‘The Right to Free Speech.’ As said under the Constitution Act, (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

Using hateful words, such as racist, bigotry, idiot, moron, stupid and unmentionable bully-type deceitful words, isn’t insightful of an intelligent person. Unfortunately anger is clouding judgement.  

Bullies are given a platform and they thrive on it! 

The racist card is most used, depicting those who don’t respect your views. Here’s the definition of racist : person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Believing a group of people who may be a potential threat to a whole society doesn’t make you a racist. Just because some prefer better screening technics to ensure the safety of their families and children, doesn’t make them racist.  

Instead, they are concerned with the lack of security and time.  

Did you know 22,405 Iraqi refugees have entered Canada since 2009? The difference here, it took three years to properly screen them. Now, in less than three months we are bringing in 25,000 more refugees, who so happen to be Syrians. 

I don’t care if Aliens came from another world, I would like to know their intentions along with proper screening. Does this mean I’m racist? 

Absolutely not! 

Concerned with our safety?  Yes. 

Bullies use words to degrade you. If you call someone RACISTS, BIGOTS, or MORONS, begin to look at yourself a little closer. Are you a bully? 
Before Facebook, Canadians were thought of as peaceful polite citizens, who take the time to weight out the facts before speaking. Sadly this is no longer the case.  

Opinions rage war against each other.  

Anger clouds the truth and could possibly spark action, feeling cornered, some make irrational decisions, causing havoc and harm to others.

The recent debate on refugees is gleefully a triumph for newspapers, CBC, and Global News. They relish the opposition, knowing all to well the topic is ridiculously vague. Sometimes it seems CBC and Global are strong liberal supporters, instead of being neutral. 

If you research the Canadian government website on the subject of refugees, you will quickly realize, refugees across the world, have been entering Canada for some time now. As said in my other post,” Did you know Canada already brought in 11,300 Syrian refugees since September 2015? Another 2,563 were resettled by October 5,2015. Resettlement of 22,405 Iraqi refugees has happened since 2009. They too came here under distressed situations.”

It’s clear, the world has been effected by the crisis in France, leaving a distasteful fear of the muslin community.  

Both sides of the debate have valid concerns. It’s up to us to make a logical sound statement without unleashing an angered fuelled temper showcasing bullying tactics.  


  1. We are all immigrants.  It’s true, our parents are most likely  immigrants, but so are the aboriginal people.  Immigration has been going on for 100,000 years.  It’s what we do to survive.  But let’s make it clear.  Those born in a country are NOT immigrants.
  2. Refugees will bring in terrorist.  It’s possible but highly unlikely. The terrorist you have to fear, are those already here, with fake Facebook names taunting us with their outrageous media posts. Young radical individuals are easily swayed throughout the world by propaganda.  They can be born Canadians, for all we know. 
  3. Refugees are coming in too fast, at an alarming rate. It’s not safe. True.  It’s impossible for security to verify at such a fast rate. But, then again, the refugees coming in are war-torn women and children who are fearing for their lives. The men are the ones who may need closer scrutiny. 
  4. Are we safe?    Security Officials across the world are concerned for our safety after the continuous attacks throughout each country. It’s an illusion to think we are safe. Eliminating the threat is top priority, with direct results from France, Russia, USA and Israel.  The happy-go-lucky attitude we can win this war by love and peace, is just plain illusional. The terrorist count on our free lifestyle of forgiveness to raise havoc on our society. They thrive on our compassion.  We must stay fast to those who call wolf too many times, which simply means to keep an eye out for those causing trouble or pretend to cause trouble. 
  5. We should be looking after our veterans and homeless.   Very true. It’s important to look after our own first. But, our homeless already have help. Some just choose not to be helped, due to their addiction or mental state. The veterans in need shouldn’t be ignored by our government, but I know a lot of veterans who are doing just fine. Truthfully, I can’t say I understand what the problem is, because I’m not a veteran or part of the military. Maybe this requires further investigation.  

And that’s the key.  

Before you make a conscious effort to voice your opinion on social media, do some research and investigate without using bullying tactics to stress your point. It’s a free country and we all have the right to our view, even if you disagree.  

We can all agree to disagree.  

Our new government needs to address the concerns of Canadians, with real facts, outlining the costs and how it will effect citizens of Canada. I’m concerned how much the liberal government is spending, because we know what happened last time they were in office. The deficit and unemployment wasn’t pretty. 

Attacking each other with hateful words isn’t at all Canadian.  Having your opinion doesn’t make you a bigot or racist, just because it’s against your own views.  

You can agree to disagree.  

Personally, I feel bullies are the real problem on social media, because they think they can hide behind a computer in the comfort of their home. They should be held accountable for their actions. It’s time to police social media.  

Bullies are a threat to society in your home and business. It’s time to eradicate bullies. 

Have an opinion?  Good!  

Let’s make an intelligent informed statement instead of waging war with words.  

Be thankful you live in a war-free country with values of freedom, allowed to exercise your right to religion, freedom of speech and culture. Be sure to voice your opinion to MP’s and our new honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, without hate.

I understand your fear but please don’t hate each other, otherwise the radical insane monsters have already won. 

By Bari Demers  

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