Vegas is a Stress Reliever 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers 

You know, I’m sure glad Vegas exists. It certainly the best spot to enjoy a quick or long vacation, be it with a group of friends, a romantic time with your partner or for the whole family. 

Life has so many ups and downs, Las Vegas is an excellent stress reliever.  

The world class quality from fine dining, the amazing mega resorts, exciting tours and an abundance of entertainment, it’s a no-brainer to head to Vegas. 

Sure. If you gamble, you should exercise control, but overall, Vegas is one of the most accessible and affordable vacation spots in North America. 

It’s also cool to see people from around the world.

Photo Credit : Bari Demers

My goodness, I met a couple from the UK who came up for only 3 days. That’s an amazing flight for only a three day stay. But, after their first visit to Vegas during a lavish wedding, they were hooked on Vegas

It’s obvious Canadians and Americans love Vegas, from the young to the well aged, the first-timers to seasonal Vegas Lovers. It’s a given, once you experience the rush of Vegas – YOU ARE hooked! 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers

Overall, my favorite resort hotels are Aria Resort & Casino, Vdara, Mandarin Oriental, The Venetian & Palazzo, The Wynn including Encore, T.I. (Treasure Island ), Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio and Luxor. Of course, I’ve yet to experience more resorts, as time and money permits. But you know, when you’ve been treated like a King of Queen, it’s hard to go anywhere else.  

Vegas offers the best in hotels, particularly fashioned for your lifestyle or pocketbook.  Another words, it’s for everyone! 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers 

My wife and I are Vegas Lovers, like you.  

It’s awesome you have taken the time to LIKE my Facebook Page and join us with everyone’s experiences. After all, we are tourists, just like you.  

I gratefully appreciate you for joining us in the FUN with Vegas – Thank you ! 

And to the resorts of Vegas – Thank you for the affordable luxurious comfort, you and your team, who are committed professional staff. They have provided us with the best possible service, from the awesome Chefs, front desk personnel, friendly bartenders, room service, maid and concierge service.  

It’s all an amazing experience! 

What’s your best hotel in Vegas ?  Did I miss some good ones ? 

Have a wonderful week and of course – I will see YOU in Vegas

Photo Credits : Bari Demers

Reference Websites : 

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Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Vdara Las Vegas 

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1. Are you associated with any of the above hotels? 

      Answer : Absolutely not ! I’m a tourist like yourself.  I am not related or associated with any business or corporations in Las Vegas.

2. Do you receive payment or monetary bonuses ? 

    Answer : Absolutely not ! Just like you I’m a tourist. I play MYVEGAS (open to everyone!)  to collect points to receive free buffets, rooms or entertainment opportunities. Plus I keep my eye out for the best possible price for my hard working dollar.

3. Do you receive payments for your Vegas articles

    Answer : Not yet. But I hear people do, by clicking on the ads on the side. But, so far, not a nickel. 

4. Why do you do this ? 

    Answer : Seriously, I am a Vegas Lover! Vegas is my home away from home.

5. What do you do ? 

    Answer : I’m a screenwriter and freelance writer and pretty soon retired. Well, I love to write, so that’s not really retirement. 

Going to Mars or Bust ! 

James Montana Scripts 

By Bari Demers 

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