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Photo Credit : My friend Romeo (He’s in London right now!) 

I enjoy BBC Writersroom – full of information for all types of writers, including interviews with successful writers, such as Mike Bartlett. Mike Bartlett is a British playwright with an extensive career in writing award winning plays including the BBC One TV Series, Doctor Foster.

Doctor Foster is a drama base series about Doctor Gemma Foster suspecting her husband has been having an affair and finding out the truth.

Watch it now 

Mike Bartlett interviews gives you insight to being a writer and how it’s a great accomplishment when you receive your first paycheque for writing. An accelerating experience helps verify you as a writer, after the years of hard work.

Listen to Mike Bartlett’s interview.

His advice? 

Keep writing and be aware of your surroundings, using your imagination, worldly experiences and stimulation from the within the world. It will give you a good balance for your creativity.

Off on another tangent : 

Being in your “Element” is an important factor in order for my creative juices to flow.  

It would be hard to imagine coming in the middle of series and begin writing without a clear concept of the whole story. It’s like formatting the “template” or keeping within the “boundaries”. You can’t break the template or the whole story will fall apart. 

And most writers who write drama or science-fiction would have a hard task making a comedy.  

As for me, my genre is science-fiction horror – I am in my “Element”. Apparently, I’ve taken the hardest genre to get noticed – Go figure! But it’s true. 

Recently I submitted a sci-fi fantasy genre through Celtx called “Soul Savior” (Saviour). But before I wrote the screenplay, I always like to write a short story to see if it has charisma and will captivate an audience. But most importantly, it has to do with my experiences within the “worldly” format. Of course, the Scifi part is an important part of me. 

Read my short story yourself :  Soul Savior by Bari Demers 

Also, I’m a big fan of Dr Who. So I couldn’t resist, but to write my spin on a possible Dr. Who episode : The Search for Gallifrey 

Anyway, I better get back to “writing a storm” – have a great day! 

Follow me on Twitter @jrobbmontana and please do check out my Scifi website Black Angels – This is my baby! 

By Bari Demers 

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