Black Hole Theories 


Graphic Art Photo by Bari Demers 

In a recent conference, this past week, sponsored by Nordita, UNC and the Julian Schwinger Foundation, Mr. Steven Hawking and colleagues brain- stormed to clear up questions about quantum mechanics and general relativity. More specifically, they concentrated on the Black Hole theory with a more viable solution then previously thought.

“Black holes don’t actually swallow and destroy physical information, according to an idea proposed today by Stephen Hawking at the Hawking Radiation conference being held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Instead, they store it in a two-dimensional hologram.”* KTH News 

I’ve been saying this for the last 40 years; Steven Hawking’s solves mystery, “The famous physicist believes you might end up in another universe through a mechanism “by which information is returned out of the black hole”.* Cosmo Magazine 

As a matter of fact I believe there are countless universes within our cosmic cycle of life and death.  

In a diagram, if we may, think of a series of oranges (spheres) with each segment of that orange, as its own universe. Now, imagine an infinite number of these spheres, each connected, interacting within the cosmic realm.  

More interesting, is the magnetic massive black hole in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, along with smaller individual segment black holes (pinholes). Of course, on a grand scale, each pinhole can easily swallow up galaxies.  

In turn, the massive Black Hole in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are colossal mega black holes that eventually (after millions of years) destroy one universe and bringing life to another universe. 

Good form Mr. Hawking – mathematical theory is relative to a universal understanding of our infinite universes. 

Now, all we need to do is fold space and time to explore like our ancestors did – read more : 

By Bari Demersscifi screenwriter 

KTH News and Events 

Cosmo Magazine 

James Montana Scripts 

Screenwriter Bari 

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