Dreams and Reality


 Photo Above : My Mom with her great grandchild 

My posts on WordPress are mostly about science-fiction dreams or something related to reality.  

And I write about them.

But, last night was the most strangest dream I’ve ever encountered. 

In my dream an older lady accidentally phone my cell number, saying she was in trouble.  You could tell by her voice, she must of been an older grandmother type because her voice was frail. 

I said,” Where are you?”  

She told me,” The town of Perinton.”

Then, as fast as the call started, it quickly end.  The phone hug-up.

What’s strange is ?  I’ve never heard of the town of Perinton.  So, since the dream was still in my head – I looked it up.

According to Wikipedia* : “Perinton is a town in Monroe County, New York, United States. The population was 46,462 at the 2010 census. The village of Fairport is within the town on the Erie Canal.”

Go figure!  

And it’s eerie she specifically said, ” The town of  Perinton”.  For all I knew, Perinton could have been a city, or across the world.  But, sure enough, it’s a town within Monroe County, New York.

What else is interesting about my dream? 

 Most dreams are related to what you have done before consciously or subconsciously, the day of, a week before or even years ago.  Scientists say dreams are a way for your brain to depose of the garbage, sort of speak.  Your brain is similar to a processor in a computer, processing, calculating and organizing your thoughts.  It begins to defragment (get rid of ) your thoughts throughout the day.  And, of course, you may  act out those thoughts.

But here’s what’s interesting.  

Not once have I ever come across the town of Perinton.   I have never looked it up before either or have I subconsciously picked it up somewhere.  And no, the day before I never thought of this town or came across it.  It’s a complete mystery to me. 

Why Perinton? 

I live in western Canada, approximately 2100 miles from the town of Perinton, New York.
It’s without a doubt, dreams certainly have an impact on your life.  

It doesn’t matter what scientific explanation you may have, it all comes down to your own personal dream.  Just to be able to remember your dream the next morning is a challenge in itself. 

So, most importantly,” Is there a grandmother who needs help in the small town of Perinton?”  If you know a grandmother in Perinton, New York, see if she’s alright. 

Give your grandmother a call today! 

By Bari Demers – screenwriter 


Wikipedia – town of Perinton

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