The Last Humans

YEAR :  December 24, 2023 – Last Recorded Document


The first 10 years of missing passengers from unrecovered aircraft, were thought to be related to mechanical, weather or pilot error.  

During its annual Chicago Convention in 2015, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) concluded missing aircraft, such as MH370 Boeing 777- 2H6ER with 239 passengers aboard in 2014 was the result of pilot error.

To this day, it has never been found. 

Accordingly, an additional 6 aircraft went missing, from military to civilian world-wide.  Even though commercial flight disasters were commonly reported on the news, no one was aware of any military loss.  The government and FAA made sure of that. 

In late 2015, world news reported two civilian aircraft Boeing 737-800’s vanishing.   

First it was flight SAS 527, from Stockholm to London Heathrow.  And only a week later, a second flight, DAL 493  from John F Kennedy to Las Americas international airport disappeared without a trace.  

They too were related to possible pilot error, never finding a stitch of evidence.  

The public were scared as hell to fly, after yet another incident in 2016, where a Boeing 777 fell off the radar.  It was an international flight from Montreal to London Heathrow carrying 260 passengers.  

After repeated cries from the public, Canadians demanded an inquire after learning, this time, of two witnesses.  

Both were experienced pilots on a separate flight, from London to New York.  They allegedly claimed both saw a Boeing 777 enter, what they describe as a white vortex, swallowing the aircraft within seconds.  

ICAO and Transport Safety Board of Canada concluded this particular aircraft’s fate was due to environmental weather conditions.  Once again, no evidence was ever found. 

But, in 2017 an usually occurrence happened which couldn’t be explained or covered up.

A passenger from flight PA345 – Boeing 777, Pakistan International Airlines from Toronto heading to Stockholm, Arlanda Airport, was discovered in Hamberg, Germany.  

What made this so unusual, flight PA345 went missing 2 months earlier with 234 passengers.  

Passenger, Dr. Usman Ahmad Khalid was found aimlessly walking the streets of Hamberg, Germany, incoherent with amnesia.  After local police discovered his passport on his person, world news spread like wildfire, reporting one passenger of flight PA345 – Boeing 777  has been found in Hamberg, Germany. 

After much scrutiny, Dr. Usman Ahmad Khalid was released from authorities with little explanation to why he was the sole survivor, or how he possibly ended up in Germany. 

He was constantly under surveillance. 

However, after a couple years, the doctor’s memory started to come back in pieces.  

During an exclusive interview with ABC 20/20, lone survivor Dr. Usman Ahmad Khalid explained he remembers being on flight PA345. 

Apparently, he was sleeping when a large thud woke him up.  It was then, he realized he couldn’t move, pinned to his seat.  The plane seemed to be spiralling out of control, but strangely, no one was screaming.  

It was if they were all in a “zombie state”.  

Even though he couldn’t move, he reported seeing these alien species, known as “short non-Greys”.  They were approximately 4 ft tall with pale bluish-white skin. 

Dr. Khalid went on to say, these alien beings were checking out each passenger, injecting them with something. It wasn’t long before he came face to face with one of them, inspecting him.  All he could remember, was how frightened he felt, when these large dark eyes peered at him. Those protruding eyes, small lipless mouth and extended forehead, only inches away from him.  

He tried everything to move, but couldn’t. 

It was then, the alien creature motioned over a couple of his mates.  They were all peering at me with some concern.  

“To this day, I’m not sure why,” Dr. Khalid explained,” It was as if something was wrong with me.  They became agitated, but not a sound was heard.  It’s as if they were communicating telepathically, somehow.” 

The experienced physician went on to say, he felt another violent bump with the aircraft. They must of dropped thousands of feet, because he could feel butterflies in his stomach and he rose slightly from his seat. 

And then, just like that, he lost consciousness. 

When the doctor woke up, he said, ” I was laying on a bench.  At the time, I couldn’t answer who, what, where or why I was at that particular spot.  I didn’t even know my own name. I was truly scared,” Dr. Khalid said.

The world was amazed and confused by the doctors story.  

It may of been hard to accept or explain, but here he was.  The doctor was physical proof that not even ICAO or FAA could hide under the carpet. He became a celebrity of sorts, appearing as guest on various talk shows, such as, like Late Night, NBC with Seth Meyers.

The whole event stirred up believers verses non-believers of aliens visiting earth, throughout the social media.  Some saying the government has been hiding this for years, ever since Area 51.  Some even stated, they have been here for 100,000 years before mankind ever had a foothold on earth

But then, in the year 2020, SETI along with NASA , tried their best to keep it under secrecy.  At first, NASA scientists thought it was just another group of asteroids.  Hours after NASA’s discovery, SETI verified solid evidence of a communication beacon heading for earth. 

In the end, before our world realized it, we were being invaded by an intelligent group of an unknown alien species.  

In the past, our governments  thought they would come as an full pledged military assault.  Never did they think, a common virus spread across the earth, was all it took to render us immobile. 

There wasn’t even a war. 

Our world, as we knew it, was now under complete control, conquered and colonized by an advance alien civilization.

Depleting its own home resources, they raped our earth, strip mining throughout the world, leaving behind nothing more then a barren wasteland.  Even our oceans were sucked dry.

All this, in only four years.

Our concerned with global warming or any environmental harm to our earth meant absolutely nothing. 

As far as the human race was concerned? 

We suddenly became part of their food chain.  By the billions, we were commercially slaughtered, like cows.  

If only we had listened to cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who warned us of the consequences of contacting extraterrestrial life. His analogy of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas,” …it didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.” 

Well. It certainly didn’t turn out good for the human race.  

Do we have any hope of surviving ?  

We ARE the Last Humans recording this message, ” Will they find us? We are the only human colonization now living on Mars.  Is it only a matter of time before they find us ?  Unknown to our enemies, a few of us found refuge deep within the ancient tunnels under Mars.  God save our souls! “

By  Bari Demers – screenwriter 

3 thoughts on “The Last Humans

  1. have you tried to have any published yet? You should finish and seriously try. Very good and so close to the true happenings of what has been happening!!

    1. I’m going to place my SciFi short stories in my book – all these short stories have been registered and can’t be reproduced. But I’m waiting to think up a name for my SciFI book – any ideas ?
      With so many science-fiction books out there – I need a catchy name.

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