Soul Savior

Updated – Soul Savior

Dreams and Reality

My name is Sam. I’m a Soul Savior.

“Hard to believe the story I’m telling you, but it’s as real as you can get!”

“Seriously!” Interrupts Agent Thomas,” Are you sure you want to stick to that story?”

FBI Agent Thomas R. Jefferson is your typical “in-your-face” interrogator. You know, the bully G Man type. Without very much imagination, he resorts to the interrogation Tactics Manuel, Section A-103 : How to make your perpetrator feel uncomfortable by getting into their personal space.

Thomas is a big man, in his late 40’s, sitting on the table, inches away from his captive, Samantha Rose Franklin. Sam’s an attractive young woman in her early 30’s. You know the type, athletic, striking green eyes with blond hair.

“Yes, I’m sticking to my story, after all it’s the truth,” Sam gives a blank stare, perturbed by the constant interruptions,”All you have to do, is just…

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