Our Freedom at a Price

Our Freedom at a price. 

Sitting in the comfort of my home, I am privileged to be able to reflect our past, present and future.

Throughout most of the world we can enjoy our freedom, counting our lucky stars we aren’t ruled by some greedy dictator or religious fanatic, who’s like a lioness ready to stalk her prey.

Many have tried before and failed miserably, throughout our savage blood-thirsty history, but it doesn’t mean we can rest. Our dreams can be crushed in a second, if we aren’t aware of our surroundings.

Best practice?

Always be vigil, keeping evil at bay.

Today, we are thankful for the young men and women fighting for our freedom as we are grateful for our veterans and the lost soldiers who died to kept us free.

Blood-shed of our soldiers is a constant reminded of how valuable our freedom really is and should never ever be taken lightly.

On November 11 we can pay tribute to the sacrifices made, making sure their lives are never forgotten. Mankind’s struggle for freedom will always be part of our lives, as long as greed and power exist.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin.

War can also be added to the above quote, it’s an unfortunately evil reality.

We like to think we’re are civilized, known right from wrong, implementing our laws to protect our rights; and yet, everyday our freedom comes at a dreadful price.

Therefore, on this Remembrance Day, “I just want to thank all the men and women who fought and still are fighting for our FREEDOM, as we sit back in the comfort of our homes.”

“Lest We Forget…”

By Bari Demers


Are You a Loving Person?

Love is unconditional. You may love or be miserable your whole life, it’s your choice.

Are you a LOVING PERSON or that “miserable” individual who believes the world owes them everything ?

It’s more apparent society is becoming this cold calculated self image, thinking only of themselves. I like to call it the ME factor. This self image has been around since the dawn of man, but now it’s more easily accessible throughout the world, via the internet.

Ever since Facebook and Twitter came on-line people are having the option to express their opinions.

Depending on how you choose to comment is your freedom of choice, but it also leaves a “footprint” of who you are as a person.

You can either blame others, showcase your ignorance, or take a minute to make an intelligent decision.

It’s your choice.

If you haven’t realized it by now, columnists are trained to make riveting “headlines” on a particular subject, specifically sparking “outcry” onto its viewers. They want you to comment without thinking, it’s a clever way to unleash backlash, making their article stand out in the crowd. In turn their ratings go up.

I’m sure you have read comments on Facebook, which will naturally make your blood boil, due to some poor ego tripping moron, who loves bashing people, tries to use “control” tactics upon others, or make uneducated remarks, just to feel important.

These kind of people are not only trying to impress you, but they are doing their best to impress themselves. They even can be considered as “morally wrong” human beings. Anyone knows, in the end the only person they’re fooling are themselves.

In life we all have choices.

Do we go through life feeding off of others to feel important, or do we take time to think of others?

Myself, I like to apply these simply rules to govern my life :

1. Never dwell on the past.
2. Before you speak or do, think first.
3. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
4. Love others with unconditional love.
5. Use your God given brain and try to make intelligent choices to the best of your ability.
6. Never intentionally harm another person.
7. Take a minute to enjoy the simple things in Life.
8. Watch your back. Keep vigilant, you never know when the wolf is at your door, until it’s too late. Unfortunately there are the bad.
9. Never be something your not.
10. Enjoy life as much as you can. Do the things you love to do before you can’t.
11. If you can, help others who are willing to help themselves first. Everyone needs a break sometimes.
12. Never ask for anything. This way you aren’t burdening a friend or family member. If you deserve it, it may come as a surprise gift from their heart.
13. Never feed a leaky faucet.
14. Be a real friend, never be fake.
15. Never allow a person to put you down. They don’t deserve you. Never go to their level. Walk away.
16. Make love not war.

In Life you have a choice, but whatever you do, will shape the type of person you really are. It’s your lasting FOOTPRINT onto society. It’s how you will be seen by others, even when you think they’re not listening.

The web is always listening.

As a freelance writer/screenwriter it’s vital to review your creative work, because once it’s on the Internet, it’s there for life. So, it’s important you realize this : Is your message something you want the rest of the world to read?
Today my message is : Be a loving person – you will surely be awarded in the end.

By Bari Demers

Below photo I took while having an afternoon luncheon at Gray Monk Estate Winery, in the sunny Okanagan.


What Really Matters

Today’s reality is about: What is important and what really matters?

Throughout our lives we struggle with making a living and sometimes forget what really matters. With Christmas once again upon us, it reminded me of the time when I was a little boy writing letters to Santa.

As an adult my wish list has changed, but the question is, does it really matter? Notice the sarcastic approach to my letter:

Dear Santa, God and Whoville,

I’ve been sort-of-a-good boy, well ok then, I’m a man. That’s pretty close to being good, wouldn’t you say?

All boys are good right ? Right?

Anyway, I would like just a few things this year. Really, the list isn’t that bad.

First and foremost, $100 million, so I can start Pre-Production of my screenplay – check it out here, it’s a mix genre film. Be careful, for its a screaming horror combined with a captivating science-fiction plot, sure to make you shake in your boots.


Anyway, let’s move on…

Now, If you can’t afford $100 million, just buy my screenplay for $150,000, along with my credits . That’s sure to make me happy! Don’t forget to give the screenplay to the famous Directors and/or Producers. They would love to make BLACK ANGELS into a blockbuster film, guaranteed to jolt you from the dead.

Don’t worry, it’s not my first screenplay. I assure you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, yes.

I’m kind of loving the new Mercedes S Class 4-Door Sedan S63 AMG 4-MATIC with twin turbo V-8. It would be a dream to drive around in. I mean, after all, my lawyer is driving one. So, why can’t I?

Humour is always good in our lives, so how about the book, “Universe” by Close Encounters Studios. The more humour I can get my hands on, the better.

And well, you already know I love all things ALIEN, including NASA and SPACE EXPLORATION. If I could get a trip into Space or possibly see Cape Canaveral (located next door to Kennedy Space Center) and/or Virgin Galactic, it would certainly be a plus.

I could use some new running shoes. You know, the ones I can never afford.

And yes.

I lost my bike previously, so I would be gratefully to have another one. Unfortunately the one I’m interested in is at least $1800. Sorry about that, sounds like I’m falling into the bracket considered as “high-maintenance”. Yes, I understand this is a little expensive, but no more mountain bikes for me. I just realized last week I’m getting older. Go figure!

And –

It’s time to upgrade to a better home computer by APPLE, you know, the new one. Its only $ 2749.

Wait! I have a better idea. Stop all this madness ! Scrap all the above!

Let’s concentrate on just one gift and lets make it a priority:

“I would like all the sick children in the world to be healthy immediately.”

Yes, you heard right, make ALL CHILDREN in the world FREE from SICKNESS and DEATH.

Ok? Do that instead of the materialistic things above.

And send a message to all the movie, hockey and football stars, billionaires, entrepreneurs of the “Shark Tank” and “Dragons Den“, famous directors and producers to send a gift to the sick children of their local hospitals.

Send this forward – Lets help our sick children.

Oh !

And one last thing, I would like to retire back home in the Okanagan. Really tired of having to wake-up to minus -40C weather, up here in the Great White North. As much as I love Canada, my bones need a little warmth.

Ok. So, I believe I’ve covered everything.

Don’t forget!

Every child deserves to see the world and live a full life. Each requires to be healthy, never going to bed hungry, have shelter & clothing and receive unconditional love. Let’s make their lives a happy one!

Alright then, I believe that’s it. Parents should never see their child die before them.

Bari Demers
(In loving memory of my daughter, Jenni Michelle Demers – Nov 5 1980)