Time Travel

I watched the movie,”Contact”, once again. I believe it’s the fourth time now, but it’s possibly more.

Without going into the movie, it basically about a radio transmission discovered by SETI, Dr. Eleanor Arroway (played by favourite actress Jodie Foster) who finds a message within unmistakeable pulses of radio waves. They quickly discover, the radio transmissions are coming from the brightest star,Vega, within the Lyra constellation.

Not long after this intriguing discovery, the founder of keeping the project alive, billionaire S.R. Hadden, provides Eleanor with hidden inside mechanical drafting plans. This leads to constructing a space-age device with a flight pod. It’s believed this pod will provide them access to space travel by means of wormholes.

After a series of conflicts and failures, Dr. Arroway is zipped through space and time, while on earth only a few seconds of time pass by, but to Eleanor 18 hours quickly disappear.

It’s science-fiction and indeed a movie to add to your list, if you haven’t seen it yet.

To me, “Contact” sparked another interesting concept of space travel.

Consider, if you may, what if we could travel across the Cosmos without leaving earth at all.

By means of “holographic projection” of ourselves.

With exoplanets approximately 500 light years away, it would still take over 8 million years at the speed of light, (17500 years to reach one light-year) before even reaching one of these planets. But say we could propel our image faster then the speed of light by folding space and time.Theoretically our holographic-selfs could explore our vast universe, reaching M-source-Planets.

Just imagine the implications of such a trip?

Is it just a dream or maybe a real vision into the future? Scientists would surely dispute my claims, rationalizing with their mathematical calculations, but a dream is the start of a vision.

The beginning of reality.

Will mankind be the Leaders of Space Exploration on a universal scale?

Only time will tell. Maybe it’s time to remove the “time-factor” from the equation by folding it into space.

It’s time to think outside the box and reach for the stars by using Time Travel.

By Bari Demers


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