“Baby-face Wiseman” – Missing Person

I had another dream last night, and this time it was the face of a missing person.

Never met him before but I clearly see his face.

A young man in his early thirties with short black hair parted to the left side, a baby face with blue eyes and a symmetric button nose. Clean shaven business type featuring an expensive Vanquish II priced at a whopping $95,000.

Immediately, it tells me his supplier is the famous UK fashion mogul, Dormeuil. Its been said the Vanquish II luxurious fabric was created in India.

Like a trained detective, one can learn of a persons lifestyle by what he or she wears. It could be he’s a world traveller with very expensive tastes, and it’s also possible, he has even visited England.

But, in my dream, the local news introduced him as Mr. Wiseman, who was on an earlier news segment, featuring a prospering business deal of a newly constructed mega hotel project in Vegas.

It all sounded very feasible.

But seeing his face then, I could see a split second of a worried individual; his eyes couldn’t hide the underlining dark secrets.

Is it possible this man is not telling the truth?

Could it be his lavish lifestyle are signs of corrupted business deals gone bad ? Maybe he’s clearly over his head in debt, or more disturbing, connected to the mafia.

Are the mafia back in Vegas? Have they even left ?

Whatever the underlining deep secret is, today Mr. Wiseman is a missing man.

I can clearly hear the anchorwoman begin the evening news, ” Good evening and thank you for joining us at 8 News Now!

Tonight’s opening news, local businessman Mr. Gene Wiseman, famous for his distinguished new hotel, The Wiser Hotel & Casino, built at a record cost of 10 billion dollars, has gone missing.

According to local authorities, it’s believed he has connections with organized crime boss, John DiFronzo, alleged leader of the Chicago Mafia outfit.

The US DEA also has reason to believe fugitive mafia boss, Matteo Messina Denaro of Italy, has been in contact with John DiFronzo and Gene Wiseman, before the disappearance of Mr. Wiseman.”

(It’s well known the Chicago outfit is referred to as the largest crime syndicates in the United States, who were originally influence by legendary, Al Capone).

The anchorwoman continues,” Even though the FBI had previously clamped down on the Chicago Mafia operations in Las Vegas during the 1980’s, it appears they’re back in full force, once again.”

(As you remember, back in the 1980’s, during the notorious mobster enforcer era, Anthony John Spilotro, nicknamed,”The Ant”, was believed to have run the Stardust Hotel and operations at Circus Circus for the Chicago Outfit, was found beaten to death along with his brother, in a farmers corn field. Authorities suspected godfather, Joseph John Aiuppa was responsible for giving the order to execute Spilotro).

The anchorwoman pauses, taking note and switching her eyes to the side camera. She continues,” Gene Wiseman is described as a fit man, 32 years old, 5′ 8″ tall, dark short hair, blue eyes and goes by his nickname,” Baby-face Wiseman”,due to his baby face appearance.

If you have seen Gene Wiseman, please contact Crime Stoppers or your local police force immediately.

In other news…”

So, where does my dream pick up this kind of detailed description, of a man who doesn’t even exist. Maybe he does exist, in another universe, dimension or another time.

Whatever the reason is, my dream keeps coming back to the disappearance of Mr. Gene Wiseman.

Have you seen Mr Gene Wiseman ?

By Bari Demers

Bio: Bari is a screenwriter presently working on “Black Angels“, “Agent Sky” and “GAIA” under James Montana Films.

Join me on twitter @JRobbMontana if you enjoy sci-fi thrillers and tweets about Vegas.

The photo below was taken by me while standing on top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas – come join my Vegas Facebook Page – Just for fun.


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