Artists – Lend Me Your Ears!


Artist, Writers, Photographers and Screenwriters – Lend me your ears!

All artists fall into this Category, “Starving Artist” sometime in their lives. It’s the same old “catch-22” predicament facing mutual conditions in order to express ourselves, either on canvas, paper or a medium of choice.

Expression is a natural transition since birth. We didn’t choose it; It choose us.

Creativity is a part of who we are.

Every since I can remember doodling, painting, photography and writing, I envisioned my stories to life. Some kids are born prodigies while most of us struggle to become better artists. Others are immediately recognized when most of us hide in the shadows hoping one day we too will get our 15 minutes of fame.

Meanwhile, we keep plugging on taking courses to improve our craft, knowing all to well, our artistic expression is more of a curse than a blessing. We already know we’re grouped with hundreds of thousands of individuals working on the same goal.

The “gifted” ones race to the front-of-the-line before us, just like winning a lottery ticket. Their immediate success sparks the interest of the general public, giving them the golden seal of approval. Today’s social platforms increase visibility through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube like an energizing bunny.

What is an artist to do?

So, here we are. Artists of the World, lend me your ears!

Come forth and shout out your name. Showcase your craft in the comments below. The more comments, the more google will track our presence, and the more we’ll become visible. Post this article on Facebook and Twitter.

Spread the word !

By Bari Demers
About me:
Bari is a screenwriter for “Black Angels of Sirus 5” – a sci-fi horror film 100,000 years before mankind ever had a foothold on earth.

All photos are copyrights of Bari Demers

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