Meeting New Friends while on Vacation


You just never know when you’ll meet new friends while on vacation.

Every year my wife and I plan our weekly trip to Vegas. People from around the world come to the “heart” of Sin City, including Prince Harry. Vegas is notoriously known worldwide as the adult play ground with the famous title,”What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Too bad no one told Prince Harry, that just wasn’t the case.

Las Vegas features pool parties, rock’n club dancing, gambling, famous entertainers, such as Shania Twain, gourmet food experiences and sightseeing tours of your choice.

And then there’s us, middle aged Canadians taking in the Vegas scene since 1989. Our routine is simply; a little gambling here and there, sightseeing, taking in the latest show at the Caesars Palace Coliseum and perfecting our gourmet palate with an elegant four star restaurant, such as, SW Steakhouse overlooking the Lake of Dreams located at The Wynn.

This past year we stayed at The Venetian, pampered by the elegance throughout its pristine properties. Every morning we would soak up the sun poolside, checking out the younger crowd soothing their hangovers, siping on Bloody Mary’s to begin the day.

It’s here where we meet interesting people, all walks of life around the world. Today wasn’t any different from previous years, rubbing shoulder to shoulder cooling off in the elaborate poolside congregation.

The conversations start up the same, “Where you from? What brings you to Vegas?”

Expecting the norm answers, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of the couple who came all the away from the UK for only four days. Of course I repeated what I had just heard,” Did you just say, you’ve come from England for only four days?”

Nonchalantly, the older gentleman in his late fifties, said with the most notable English accent,” Yes. You heard right.”

Explaining the previous year he and his wife attended a planned wedding at Mandalay Bay. Coming from the UK they were oblivious to the likes of Las Vegas until that very day. Captivated by the Vegas lifestyle, they knew it was just a matter of time before coming back. On a whim, it wasn’t hard to convince his wife to make a quick unforgettable trip to Sin City.

Listening to his story I couldn’t help but think,”What does he do for a living?” Without prying into his personal business, I imagined he was most likely a Judge, a wealthy tycoon or just maybe a secret serviceman like James Bond!

Then came the question back to me,” Where you from?”

Well, I knew right then and there, my answer just wasn’t going to be as exciting.

“Well,” I said,”Canada…” Knowingly my answer sounded, kind of dry.

I mean, after all, this guy spent the last ten hours to see Vegas.

“Oh yes, Canada. I’ve never been, but have heard good things about it.”

Right away, I had to mentioned, if he were to visit Canada, be sure to visit Banff or maybe check out Vancouver Island’s capital city, Victoria.”

The “Proud Canadian” poured out of my veins, like a little kid. I quickly regrouped, composing my eagerness,” But I sure love Vegas!” Grinning from ear to ear.

He smiled,” Who doesn’t love Vegas.”

I nod in agreement.

Our conversation continued, asking me which resorts were considered the best. Of course, I mention how the very resort he was in, is a good choice, but also introduced The Wynn & Encore, Cosmopolitan, City Centre featuring Aria, Caesars Palace, Bellagio and most possibly the M Resort on the far southern tip. He said his impression of Mandalay Bay was exquisite down to the last detail.

After our short visit, the Englishman, not use to the hot desert sun, his fair skin began to burn. He shook my hand and excused himself from the pool.

I ended the conversation,” Enjoy your stay!”

And that was the end of it; another pleasant day in Vegas. You just never know who you will meet up with while on vacation.

Do you have a similar interesting story while on vacation?

By Bari Demers


3 thoughts on “Meeting New Friends while on Vacation

  1. We travel quiet a bit and usually get to Vegas 3-4 times a year. We also enjoy the things you mentioned, as well as doing a lot of hiking at Red Rock and Valley of Fire. We too have met many people on our travels and its always nice that people finally get to relax, take a moment, and strike up a genuine conversation. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve heard a lot of Red Rock but never had the opportunity to visit. I understand the canyon offers various hiking trails throughout featuring beautiful landscapes. Which hiking trail would you suggest for those who spend their week in Vegas? Meeting new friends while traveling is indeed rewarding making your vacation even more enjoyable. Valley of Fire rock formations are awe inspiring. I’ll have to make a point to see them. Flying into Vegas we’re at the mercy of tours in order to see these gems outside of Vegas. Throughout the years we have taken many trips to the Grand Canyon and so glad we spent the time and money to do so. Every time I go to United States I always feel at home due to the friendly Americans we run in to. As I’m writing this, my mom is visiting her family ( the Coleys) in Georgia, Alabama, North & South Carolina. Her great grandfather was Dr. Coley of Alexander City. She’s 82 yrs old now and making her rounds before she can’t do it anymore. It’s my mom who taught me the ‘inner beauty’ of knowing people who are sincerely good folks because it’s those folks that will always enrich your life. In a way you could say – it’s the American way – making you feel as part of the family.

      1. What a very nice compliment to your Mom! Glad she is still able to travel. As for the hikes at Red Rock, my two favorite are Ice Box Canyon and Turtlehead Peak. They are two very different hikes from the other. Hope you get a chance to try them on one of your visits!

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