Dreams I Remember

You never know where your dream will take you. This dream falls into the Category of the Strange. Whatever the meaning is, I’m not too sure.

My dream begins on the shoreline of a white sandy beach overlooking the vast turquoise ocean. The seven story waves (yes exactly seven ) crashing violently , inches from my feet. I step back respecting natures power admiring it’s beauty at the same time.

My eyes quickly pick out movement, something is hiding within the sand and edge of the ocean. Suddenly it becomes clear to me what it is. It’s a Sting Ray, the size of a large flatten beach ball with no tail at all. On closer observation I see a strange mouth extruding razed sharp spiked teeth. Frightened and unsure of what it may do, I instinctively step back a few feet for good measure.

Seconds later I’m inside a cottage perched precariously on top of a rocky cliff. My nose pressed against the kitchen window I can see the waves below. It’s then I realize my knees hurt from the hard surface of the counter ,so I jump off landing beside a table.

On the table is a large white pail with the unmistakable smell of fishy sea water. Something is splashing inside it trying to get out. It’s then I realize it’s the same Sting Ray found earlier on the beach. In horror it tears free lashing its teeth at me. As I fall hard to the ground, the beastly creature flies away into the next room.

Fearful of what to do I edge closer to the doorway, knowing all the time, this is such a dum idea.

My heart is racing with beads of sweat streaming down my face. “What am I doing” thinking to myself, this is so silly of me. My feet are telling me to get the hell out of there, while my curiosity is creeping my body forward.

It’s dark, really dark, can’t make out a thing. Suddenly a silhouette of the creature slips through under my legs dashing for the open door. It’s gone. I’m so relieved the danger disappears.

Now, this is where my dream takes a turn.

Without any notice I’m confronted by the most beautiful woman just as I turn around from the open doorway. It’s like a dramatic scene you see in the movies. The background showcases anger clouds with a terrifying ocean below and a wind sweeping through you.

The girl is in her late thirties, approximately 5′- 4″ tall with short blonde hair and a petite build. We know each other but I don’t know her name. She embraces me, pressing her head on my shoulder. I feel that instant chemistry, an immediate warmth. Without question we’re meant for each other. Her eyes meet mine and it’s then I realize they’re turquoise like the ocean waves earlier. She closes her eyes to be kissed.

And that’s when I wake up.

Chalking it up to another strange dream and leaving me with more questions than answers.
In reality, they say a dream forecasts something within your subconscious, but I wonder, I wonder what it is?

The one question I ask,” Is it a dream or is it a memory?”

[The photo was taken by me in Kelowna]


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