Attack of Bull Moose

While living out on my acreage around Stony Plain, I had one of the most surprising experiences that would easily fall into the “Close Call” Category.

It was a crisp Fall day as I prepared my garden for Canada’s typical long winter just on the edge of the Great White North.

A couple of my dogs were helping me out (sort of helping) sniffing their nose in the nearby bush on my property. Started up my little Sears tractor when all of a sudden I heard a crashing locomotive noise heading out of the bush, splinters of wood flying everywhere. It was without a doubt the largest bull moose I have ever seen, swinging it’s massive rack, taking direct aim for me.

I jumped off my tractor stumbling hard to the ground. Quickly got back up and ran for dear life into the safety of my home. My hands couldn’t move any faster, grabbing that handle and slamming the heavy wooden door behind me.

The large animal sent my little tractor over like it was nothing more than a tin can.

My dogs on the other hand, jumped around the moose like rabbits, confusing the old animal off. Luckily the moose didn’t kill my dogs or have a chance to injury me.
My heart was racing – that’s for sure. A true story.
[Once again the photo below was taken by me. Up along Kettle Valley you can find many hiking trails leading into a dense forest of young cedar trees. The colours don’t require Photoshop as this picture is the real thing.]


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