What’s in a Dream


The Dreams of our Imagination by Bari Demers
A dream is like a roller coaster, never knowing what’s next. They say a dream is nothing more than your brain systematically hashing out the old with the new. You might even compare your brain to defragmenting the complex human computer processor.

But I believe otherwise. What is it where you will come back to the same dream months or even years after? Sometimes you can have the same dream for over a week. Is there something or someone trying to alert you to pay close attention?

Maybe. Maybe not.

In my blogs of Dreams and Reality I will entertain you with my dreams and then try to reason them out in reality. Join me in the journey or share your dreams and let’s see if it’s scientific or a spiritual connection.

What’s in a Dream.

About me:

I’m a screenwriter for a science-fiction horror film called Black Angels under James Montana Scripts. Writing is the best way to express my inner thoughts.
“My inner voice is the director, instructing me to express each story, flowing words onto a blank canvas” Bari Demers 

The Planet of Judges by Bari Demers

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